Flavor of the Week: Bros Icing Bros (27 photos)

The Rules Are Simple:

1. If you are presented with a Smirnoff Ice you MUST drop to a knee and chug it on the spot (you have been "Iced")

2. You cannot refuse the Ice, or you are a douche

3. Style points are awarded for creative ways to present the ice (simply pulling it out of your pocket = boring; giving it to a waiter to bring your buddy when he orders an "Ice Water" = awesome!)

4. If you have an Ice on your person, you can Ice Block. When presented with an Ice, you pull out your own Ice thus reversing the Ice on the faux-bro. The ultimate Ice insult.

If you couldn't tell my the massive Watermarks on the photos, there is a website committed to this phenomenon called brosicingbros.com. Check it out, it's pretty funny. And let the games begin.

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