Candice Swanepool in theCHIVE’s spanking new high-res gallery (25 HQ photos)

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Hi-Res just gave me a Hi-Rise!
    ….and I’m first.
    That is all.

    • Kobe

      Celtics suck we win


      • Yates

        Candice Swanepool-The poor mans Miranda Kerr.

        • Anonymous


        • DoubleOhSeven

          I would love to see a “high res” Miranda Kerr gallery on this site.

  • me

    HQ? it just looks like really big pictures to me, but hey…

    • Leo

      Agreed, not true HQ -we had to reduce the file sizes a bit and reduce quality or the page would take two years to load instead of just one. But none the less I think big pics are badass.

      • Brandon

        Hey Leo, you guys should do something similar when you do a gallery of pics that would make amazing wallpapers so that we can actually use them as such. Or at least post a link to where we can find the originals.

        • MichaelGS

          When I saw the name I thought “yay, i fapped my way through most of school years to her” but I was thinking of the even hotter South African Candice – Candice Hillbrand! Which brings me to my request. a HQ set of Candice Hillebrand please Leo. There should be laods floating around the interwebs, because shes supposed to be in the new Tekken movie (plays Nina Williams). Thanks in advance Leo 🙂

  • forge

    It’s only slightly disturbing how she slightly resembles Miranda Kerr in a few of these frames, not only around the eyes and mouth but er, from the rear also. For whatever value anyone is willing to admit these women get jobs *because* they all fit a predetermined set of criteria. Photoshoppery notwithstanding she’s a strikingly beautiful woman. (As is Kerr, grin)

  • Anonymous

    […] OVEJA!!! Guerra de gifs!!! (56Kb Warning!) Candice Swanepool high-res photo gallery HQ theCHIVE OMFG!!! X1000000 __________________ Todas las tiendas de Hardware en un solo lugar!! ademas […]

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dear Chive,
    We are eternally grateful.
    I have a new wallpaper. Her name is Candace #24.

  • Anonymous

    Two words: Moon Face.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I misspelled, ‘vindictive jealousy’.

  • Greko

    Damn, Hi-Res does make everything look good!

  • tyra

    Damn! I’d hit that harder than a rap star hits his girlfriend!

  • Pres Obama

    She’s a hotter version of Cameron Diaz.

    • forge

      Except for the part where Cameron Diaz was only hot for about 5 minutes in “The Mask” and before and after that, eeeuuuggghhh.

  • stan

    just when i thought the chive could not get any better. They gave it more cowbell

  • Cheez_Stick

    Amazing choice Chive boys! So how many “High-res” posts are we going to get a day?

    • Cheez_Stick

      Also on #18 I hope so!

  • metalcool36

    7, 21 and 24…. Fuck it, I LOVE EM ALL!!

  • whaaazzzzup


  • trvrly

    They could have done a little better job of airbrushing her ass in pic #11. Don’t get me wrong she still looks smoking hot but that pic looks poorly airbrushed.

    • forge

      You mean how they removed the crease where the right cheek meets the thigh? They probably had a lighting fail and couldn’t make it look right so they just smoothed it off, but yeah it would look better if they’d left a crease there. It’s a great little booty for a size-2 supermodel, it’s a shame to see it get messed up in photos.

  • Mark

    Yes Please!
    Add to Cart….

  • Vicarious

    Thanks dudes looks the Hires pics look great on my moniter, no more zooming in!

  • kitkat63376

    Love the new high-res, and she is beautiful….but she has NO BUTT!!! Unless she sticks it out a ways

  • Insert Name Here

    My eyeeessssssssssssssss

  • kp

    how refreshing…..natural breasts!!!!!

  • top dog

    Her body is proportioned, she got a pretty face, ample size boobs(don’t really matter), long sexy legs, but, I like women with big butts. I’ll still poke her until she cry milk. Damn, them some big ass pictures tho.

  • TexWatson

    I bet it tastes like sugar and smell like vanilla.
    As Master P once said. Make em say Uhhh Na Na NA
    Very nice chive

  • alicia

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    • workin_donkey

      Dammit alicia, why you gotta come in here all spammin’ up the joint?!?! Take your crap elsewhere…we don’t want any!

  • C

    She’s amazing looking, but I feel a bit creepy because she has a little girl face. Or am I the only one that sees it…

  • ballsdeep

    her ass confounds me… definitely should only be photographed from the front, cuz she gets an A+ in that department

  • anarcrust

    First I was like :/ but then I hit 9 and I was like 😀

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