Summer’s here, let’s drink some beer (23 photos)

  • jersey shore

    first bitches!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus

      It’s Tuesday, let’s drink some fuckin’ beer…

  • woahhz

    #21 baby’s first keg, how cute

  • Anonymous

    LOL BEER!!!

    • RubberDogTurds


  • Clickawhat

    Fuckin’ germans.

  • GAboy

    Don’t judge all us GA boys from Pic #8. We’re not all that stupid. I’m ashamed this was captured on camera. He should never be allowed to wear UGA attire again.

    • Ranger Danger

      Don’t know what side of the campus you lived on but all the GA folks I met might as well be running around wearing helmets and water wings…

    • WonderWhy

      Pretty sure that is not correct. Based on the hose being half full, I wouldn’t think there would be enough beer to spill from the funnel.

  • Sassy

    2, 5, 8, and 12 MDE MY EFFEN DAY!

    Roll Tide Roll GA(Y)boy! tee-hee no harm meant actually. I am just beyond ready for SEC football to start!

  • top dog

    Aw yes, #11&21, thats real cute, turm em into alc’s before they are eight. Real good parenting.

  • tommybhoy

    Now i want a beer…….Fuck this im off to the pub!

    • oops

      Have fun getting beheaded.

      • tommybhoy

        Its not fuckin Saudi Arabia….you can drink here.
        Tourists= no problem, residents= alcohol licence then the party begins.

        Look it up next time

  • Suzanne

    16-Is that a bacon beer mug? Awesome!

    23-umm, no thanks.

  • aosux

    Damn, wish I wouldn’t have seen this one at work.

  • northerner

    Now we know the reason America is so screwed up. At least part of the reason. These highly intelligent people vote in major elections. God help US. We obviously can’t.

  • beer

    #3 is from germany … this is what you learn at the army here …

  • Anonymous

    chive bring back the wasted galleries

  • DaddyD

    #16 … m u s t h a v e o n e …

  • xnun

    The timing on 14 is incredible. His lips dont even know the beer is missing yet!! HAHA!!

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  • Short Bus All Stars

    #1 is just a fail of epic proportions and #8 … of course what did you expect …. they're Georgia fans

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #13 Hey, I think he's dead.

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