Island of the dolls is beyond creepy (20 photos)

Read more about the Isla de Las Munecas HERE

  • osborl12

    Yuck, someone had too much time on their hands.
    Oh and a sick mind too.

    • wickedjack

      im gonna form a black metal band and make sure to take my album cover there…

  • tyra

    That’s pretty weird.


  • aleXTC

    Remind me never to drop acid there please.

  • Stafferty

    #15 Who’s laughing now Elmo? (No one, we are all to scred)

  • goldeare

    can someone hold me? im scared

  • greener blues

    Wow, there are some sick people out there.

  • bbbbbeaver

    It’s not about someone’s sick fantasy to have decrepit dolls at their place. This is in a small island in Mexico that has these thousands of dolls displayed everywhere. The dolls are an offering to girl who drowned in the surrounding river. The island and the dolls themselves are haunted by the girl and recently the late Julian Santana who was the previous caretaker of the island. It truly is a morbid place to be.

  • nelson

    The island is in Mexico, and its “haunted”. Discovery channel had a report on it. Theres approximately 1000 dolls of all shapes and styles, you can hear some of the dolls crying at night, and some open and close thier eyes every once in a while. Totally the scariest shit i have ever seen.

  • ...

    I had a neighbor with a collection like this in his yard, it wasn’t haunted he was just weird as fuck

  • Buns

    There was a special on TV about this island, similar to Ghost Hunters – The dolls eyes would be caught on camera blinking and shit. Not cool.

    • sock puppet

      Do you believe everything you see on YouTube also?

      Anthony Bourdain went there on his show. No randomly blinking dolls. Also, there’s no such thing as “haunted”. Creepy? Yes but not haunted.

  • kitkat63376

    This is CREEPY…was Chucky born here, I wonder? It makes me look at the woods behind my house in a different way…acres and acres of woods…yikes!

  • Pufffdragon

    A clown doll is double creepy.

  • HellHathNoFury

    So much for my hiking trips. I’ll just whimper and cower next to a tree.

    • HellHath NoLife

      back to the kitchen bitch

  • fswf

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My name is talking Tina and I’m going to k…..

  • mirou

    scary place

  • Yasir_Khan

    wow… this gave me goosebumps….

  • Debora

    Ummmm… yeah, well…. hmmmm.

  • bagofchicken

    #20 whispers "join ussss"

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