Famous plus-size model decides to lose the weight (15 Photos)

Chrystal Renn is perhaps the most famous plus-size model of all time. Formerly a supermodel, she decided food was more fun and turned it into a career. Recently though she's seen the light and slimmed down. If you're a chubby chaser this is a dark day for you. But if you like banging thin women, I've got great news! So let the debate begin. Was she better bigger?

  • Ross

    So much better as she was – just not sexy anymore, sorry 😦

    We've got enough skinny girls as it is, why is everyone trying to be thin these days? Bring back the curves!

    • Matt

      WHAT!? No way. we only have one picture, but being thin is the way to go. You can be thin and still have “curves” being “plus size” aka CHUBBY is not curves. that is flab! flab is not good. its not sexy and most of all its not healthy. I’m glad she saw the light and thinned down.

      • Razzle Dazzle

        Studies show fat on the buttucks and hips can prevent cancer and heart diesease and that people who have a bit of fat (not obese) actually live longer than those with a normal amount

      • Anonymous

        she is MUCH better as she was. If you like little skinny girls then go find some little boys and call them girls! Make mine like she was!

      • Fuckya

        @not a fat girl – Stfu. You’re a miserable self-absorbed little prick. Take your twinkies and shove them up your ass. We all know you like it there.

        @matt from NJ – I have to agree with Anonymous from IL. You’re a fucking idiot.

    • FartFace

      i bet it was a family of tapeworms..

      • Anonymous

        this comment made my day

    • jonnyenglish

      Looks like a f—ing junky 😦

      • Fuckbag McGinty

        Skinny, she looks like an even uglier version of Kristen Stewart.

    • Sly

      They airbrushed her in these photos. She hasn't lost weight. I saw an interview with her and she was quite upset they had airbrushed the photos.

    • nick

      agree, she was much hotter before

  • Alex

    I have seen this post FIRST!

    • ikindalikeapples

      maybe next time buddy. this time you’ll just have to deal with being an idiot

    • Embarissed

      Alex, next time take that dick out of your mouth and you just might get first. Too bad you’ll still be a douche.

  • fourtwenty

    I’ve hooked up with a thick chick before but at least she had a cute face. this bitch is ugly. bill murray——–>

  • ikindalike apples

    good thing i love big women. she looks better fat then skinny though

    • Anonymous


  • gozer

    I hardly call he plus size.
    Curvy and beautiful though, too bad she lost weight:(

    • Clickawhat

      The fact that it’s John Candy next to that sentence made my Friday.

  • bigBLACKguy

    I will put my big black dick in between every single crease on her fat white body.

    • hrf

      avatar win.

      fat guy ———–>

    • the black queer

      Oh great, the dumbass of the year is black, I mean back. You need to take yourself and your 2″ dick back to summer school. Trust me you could use the education, and it would spare us from your unchanging comments.

  • Aaron

    “Recently though she’s seen the light and slimmed down.” WTF is with that?!
    She’s seen the light as if being “plus-sized” is some wrong thing. Love ya, Chive; but that wasn’t cool.

    • SaintxXxAsh

      I saw that too… Very naughty chive. I’m not paper thin and would never want to be. Its all about health and happiness people.

      • Anonymous

        SaintxXxAsh, you have to realize where Aaron comes from. In his part of the world the girls have a little more of a “winter coat” going on so they are more used to girls of this size. You on the other hand are SMOKIN!

        • Tiger's Wood

          I prefer an athletic or fit build on girls. I don’t like them too skinny or too “bulkey”. That’s why I’m an ass man. If the ass is tone and in shape, the rest of the body is not going to be far behind. I don’t have to have huge tits either, a handful is just fine with me. I want my woman to be looking good whether she’s dressing classy or wearing her PJ’s around the house (which by the way is the hottest thing – no make up, just naturally them). The girl in this post is not for me, just no attractiveness what so ever. My own opinion. And yes she did get too skinny there in that last pic.

          • SaintxXxAsh

            More than a mouthful is a waste.

  • buttpunch

    nice!!! pass the cocaine!!

  • aosux

    She looked best in #12 and she looks cracked out in #14

  • Steve

    Not Hot. Chubby Chasers can still relax.

  • edcedc

    I like the ‘would tap’
    like the fat chetoh stain that wrote that would have a shot.

  • Durr

    Google for two minutes to find the opposite of this is true.

  • mj

    um….she wasn’t fat……her confidence is sexy. I am NOT diggin the skinny pic.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm.. dunno her fat, but I don’t think she’s really beautiful ‘r sumthing

  • Tiger's Wood

    This girl is Fugly either way. She’s either got too much and now not enough.

  • Anonymous

    plus size models are stupid

  • fourtwozero

    I like her more before than after…she is absolutely amazing in # 7!! Shes OK in the skinny version….but thickness is good…as long as it doesnt hang over your pants…..other than that shes hot….like ash said…its all about being happy..she looks happy with herself…and thats all that matters….

  • charm city jim

    wow…..go eat a sandwich. The bigger size was sexy, but I would not call her chubby or fat……way too thin now.

  • Smeagol

    Is that the same girl? Did she become a “Twilight” fan or something? She looked better pre-tapeworm.

  • Depcrestwood

    Gah … plus-sized and chubby are horrible ways to describe her … curvy is awesome … I wouldn’t kick Miranda Kerr out of bed (although I’d be wondering what the hell she was doing in my hovel), but this woman in her curvy state is more my wheelhouse … I like a good bit of T&A, not women who carry a bucket around with them. (Don’t get me wrong, fatties can take a hike … but curvy is healthy)

  • Gutterville

    They look OK but I like my girls skinny

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Skinny or thin or fit? Big differences there.

  • McBeastie

    And by “decides to lose the weight” you mean, decided to aquire an eating disorder and buy some crack.

  • William

    Chrystal- Put the curves back on, then call me.

  • Bob

    Chubby chicks try harder so you get good sex with them. She won’t be as hot when skinnier!

  • aleXTC

    i like # 1 and 8 the best. Its cool most people actually agree that she looks better when she was curvy and i agree. didn’t really expect that. Wonder what HHNF has to say on the subject. Wouldn’t kick her out of bed skinny either though.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You summoned me? I didn’t really have a rant prepared, um..
      Typical rant, Cliff’s Notes version: She should have decided to get into shape rather than ‘lose the weight’. I think she looks lovely and much healthier in #8 and 4 than when she is very thin. often, thin goes along with being healthy. However, thin from not eating right or exercising and heavy from not eating right or exercising are both the same amount of ‘unhealthy’. Many people who are slightly overweight have much more muscle tone and stamina from moving around than thin people who are just thin because they don’t eat much.
      You aren’t healthy if you’re 110 lbs and can’t run a mile or lift 50 lbs without giving yourself heart failure. You also aren’t healthy if you’re overweight and can’t do the same. Case in point: I’m in much better physical shape now than I was when I was 105 and could hardly carry my equipment up the drydock stairs. I was thin, good-lookin, and way out of shape. I’m heavier and not so sexy and skinny after working for awhile, but I feel immensely better.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        Very very true. In short – men stfu abou how we should be super skinny with huge tits that we can’t even ippprt. Unless you want to piggy back us everywhere, if that’s the case then fine.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Piggy back rides FTW, Ash!
          *gets crop and saddle*

        • fourtwenty

          the majority of men dont expect a woman to be super skinny with huge boobs. its probably the same percent of women who expect their man to take care of them financially. for the most part, people take pride in taking care of themselves. but there are always the assholes. eddie murphy——->

        • SaintxXxAsh

          Ugh. I didn’t even notice how bad I fucked up the word support. is it quittin time yet?

          • HellHathNoFury

            It’s okay, we’ll ippprt you even through your spelling errors. 🙂

            • fourTWOzero

              LOL!!! This is why i love you HHNF!!!! hillarious!

      • TexWatson

        It’s not about looks, it’s about what is on the inside.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Yeah…inside the panties. Is that why you hacked those poor people up? I’m keepin my eye on you.

          • Anonymous

            Inside the panties? What if she is not wearing any?
            Hack who? Not that Tex Watson. LMAO
            And you can keep your eye on me:)

        • SaintxXxAsh

          is that the line you feed the ladies to get in their pants? when really it’s merely a compliment of YOUR penis being inside of them?

          • Anonymous

            Lol, yes that line works all the time. It is a real panty dropper.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Haha, the look on your avatar’s face!!

            • TexWatson

              Whoops forgot to fill it in. That was my O face.

        • HeartUnderTheRose

          “It’s not about looks, it’s about what is on the inside.” Well I definitely agree with it not being about looks for most guys, because I’ve seen some ugly ass women get who knows how many men, but it wasn’t because they had good personalities, it was because they spread their legs. I’ve known a few chicks who were overweight and complete bitches, or women who expected their men to do everything for them, but because they weren’t afraid to get down on their knees, they could get all kinds of guys, yet the few decent girls who actually truly loved the guys, weren’t bad looking, and were actually really sweet people couldn’t get shit. I wish every guy looked at the personality instead of what would get them off. For the few guys out there that are like that, thank you, you are few and far between, and please knock some sense into the guys who aren’t! lol

          • HellHathNoFury


          • mj

            holy shit. Thank you, dear woman, thank you. And YES! Loving men, keep on lovin’! You may have to go through a couple bitches but you’ll eventually get the woman you deserve!

          • TexWatson

            So by that logic “It’s not about looks” means it doesn’t matter what she looks like on the outside or inside as long as she fucks?
            That makes no sense. Like saying I only fuck tweeking lot lizards because they are easy and have a heart regardless of the smell and potential hep c.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Um, how does it not make sense? It makes perfect sense. Seeing how guys will fuck chicks that they call “ugly dog faced bitches” just because they can shows it makes sense. I mean how else would you explain a guy cheating on a decent, sweet, pretty girl with some ugly chick? Or a guy just straight up chosing a chick that he has said is ugly? Most guys can get off whether the chick has a pretty face or not. As long as he can stick his dick in it, that’s all he needs.

            • TexWatson

              It makes sense yes that way but you are using “looks doesn’t matter” as an arguement for sex. I never brought up looks and sex. The topic was a girls weight and I stated it wasn’t really about looks. There for your statement makes no sense in response to mine. Of course all the ladies jumped in on the just the sex thing. You are talking about a guy that will fuck anything regardless of looks. While that may be true for some but not all. That is also true in both genders. My point was simple, it doens’t matter if the she was fat, heavy, toned, lost weight, gained weight or rail thin. If she’s a cunt she’s a cunt.
              So back to the orginal topic the model looks good either way.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              *sigh* I NEVER once said that YOU said it was about sex, never did I say that. It seems to me that you’re the one making it not make sense in your head, but I know it will do no good to argue, so I’ll just end this convo here.

            • HellHathNoFury

              No, don’t stop! FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!!!!
              Heart will be Sonya blade and Tex will be Goro. finish him!

            • Anonymous

              sigh, um, caps and * all you want mother fucker. Why would a guy cheat on a decent girl? What the fuck does that have to do with her looks? Which is my point. Looks. A guy can cheat for several reasons. Probably the decent chick you are talking about is a fucking bitch and he wants out but can’t end it cause he is stuck with her. And a guy fucks an ugly bitch because he wants to get his dick wet? Bull shit. I can jerk off any fucking time I want. I’m not sticking my cock in some blue waffle just cause it’s a pussy. Men have standards. Don’t sit there on you high horse talking about how men will look at at a line up and pick whichever one fucks.
              Women are no fucking better Rosie.
              I have seen countless women with retards and douches because they have some money.
              Money makes a guy better looking to women.
              Suck on that one beeeeeyaaaaaaaaatch.

            • TexWatson

              Shit!!! That was me.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Oooh, such a big boy you are. Such a big boy! *pats you on the head* I love how you think you speak for every guy on this planet, and that every guy I’ve seen cheat on decent girls with ugly ass bitches was all in my head. But whatev. And I also never said that women can’t be as shallow as men. But I promise you you’re more likely to see a girl chose a guy for his personality over his looks or money than you are to see a guy choose a girl who doesn’t put out who is a great person over a girl who puts out who’s not. But keep on believing what you want to believe. And no, I will not suck on that, not only because I have better taste than that, but because I’m sure it’s too small to suck on anyway. That’s why guys like you are dicks, because they’re making up for the one they lack. But I’m done now, so good day to you.

            • MichaelGS

              can some one pass the popcorn? this is getting good 😀

              oh and who is this chick? she was better looking than before but she still looks like she was before my time

            • Ball Milk

              youre both retarded.

            • TexWatson

              LOL, look you obviously have run out of steam cause you are pulling the small dick card. And the big boy card.

              I’m average plain and simple. I’m sorry if you think you can post a comment without any replies or only replies in your favor. Don’t know what fucking world you live in but it sounds mostly fantasy. And I’m sorry you have been hurt. What does a guy cheating have to do with a girl’s weight? I don’t speak for all guys. Hell I really dont’ give a shit. Just making a statement as did you. But because I dont’ agree with you I have a small penis and I’m a big boy. Again A guy will cheat for several reasons. I still don’t see your point about weight and cheating.
              And women cheat too. They could have sweet husbands at home but want the cabana boy special.
              So spare me the I hate men bull shit okay.
              I could go to Uptown Dallas and drive a fucking Cavalier and not one women would look. But if I got out of a BMW I would get attention. Regardless of looks. Regardless of the person I am. It’s more about wearing a man blouse and frosted tips for most women.
              And for the record Rosie you are good looking but a cunt so I wouldn’t let you suck on my little pee pee.
              LMAO Have a nice Monday 🙂

            • HellHathNoFury

              No, please, we would love to hear more about how small your penis is.

            • Anonymous

              douche watson

        • HeartUnderTheRose

          Actually, I’m not a cunt, I just speak my mind. I wasn’t being remotely rude until you started getting rude with me. You took what I originally said as a personal attack (if you didn’t, there would have been no reason for you to come back at me the way you did) and came back being a complete dickwad, so I returned the favor. Anyone who actually knows me knows that I’m not a cunt, but that I have an opinion and am not afraid to voice it. So if voicing my opinion and not being afraid to stand up to a guy makes me a cunt in your eyes, so be it. I frankly don’t care what people I don’t know think of me, because I actually know myself and know who I am. If you want to be that way, fine, but just know that if you come at me, I will come right back.

          • HellHathNoFury

            I am beginning to think I shouldn’t have the both of you near each-other on my Facebook. Although this could be a lot of fun.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Don’t worry, I shall love you no matter what, my fair beauty.

            • SaintxXxAsh

              i love you tex

            • MichaelGS

              I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!

          • DLish

            ok here is my 2 cents… if a girl does not putout and her guy cheats why is that a suprize? i dunno, if i had a guy who didnt put out id be out priity quick. Isnt that part of a relation ship??? Im pritty sure its a given; if you dont take care of your man he aint gonna be around long. It goes both ways if my man doesnt take care me im out too.

            • HellHathNoFury

              Any person worth mating with would break up with you instead of cheating, but you sound pretty trashy anyways, so I didn’t expect intelligence and morals from you.

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