What these families spend on groceries every week (8 Photos)

  • julietromeobravo

    Wow! And I complain about spendong £160 per week.

  • Bella

    Of course the American family buys all this junk food.

    • Erm..

      I’m not even American and I am not usually one to leap to their defence but it is clear that it is in fact the words you just wrote that are junk. I come from Britain and here importers bring crap food from all over the world that they wouldn’t even consume thereselves in their own countries and othe general public lap it up. Do a little research into things like MRM before posting generalised comments like that.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        In short, fuck off Bella.

        – proud American



          • CAPSLOCKGUY


            • Lupivthegreat1

              WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING !!!1!!one!!!

            • CunningLinguist

              judging an entire continent on the basis of one picture is in fact stereo typing and in all reality prejudice.

          • JACQUE


  • Carlinhos


  • SaintxXxAsh

    We’re a family of 4 and don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on groceries a week, maybe 150. That’s average for us eating healthy meals 3 times a day.

    • Tushy

      Post nude pics or you’re a cow.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        smoooooth 😉

  • Anonymous

    Notice the Merlander family looks the most miserable?

    • ...

      which is strange because they are clearly the drunkest (Bottom left)

      • EA

        You’d have to be if you were that miserable.

  • FartFace

    wow.. really puts things in perspective. i’m grateful for what i have.

  • Anonymous

    hoho its so clever because its so smart social commentary. how dare developed countries buy more food those bastards death to the infidels its their fault an not that of the corrupt warlord governments that africans are starving che guevara 4ever.

    • dr

      What are you even trying to say? Are you joking? There would probably be a picture of a Cuban family here, but your buddy Che and his compadres kinda made things like that punishable by death.

      • Anonymous

        What I’m trying to say is people living in developed countries shouldn’t be constantly tried to be guilted and shamed for them using their money to buy things. It’s not family Merlander’s fault the Chadians are starving, and not the fault of the German government either. This type of bs emotionally biased propaganda boils my nerves because it implies we who live in the “first world” are greedy and morally bankrupt assholes.

        So yes, I’m joking for the more thickheaded of you (a ratio of 3 to 1 apparently).

        • meow meow

          So EU protection on European agriculture isn’t (partly) the fault of German government? Come on man, EU laws have put African farmers out of business, without these laws and regulations Fair Trade products wouldn’t be needed to ensure a living for these African people.

          ‘This type of bs emotionally biased propaganda boils my nerves because it implies we who live in the “first world” are greedy and morally bankrupt assholes.’

          Lets face it, yes we in the Western world or greedy.. The limits are pushed for only one thing: more profit. look at BP.. Look at Nike’s factories in Bangladesh.. seems pretty morally bankrupt to me.

          and oh yeah, the Dutch government receives over €8 billion in tax from multinationals based in Sierra Leone, Senegal and Sudan. This because the Dutch goverment allows lower tax rates for multinationals if they bring enough money in. (i.e. the Dutch goverment has made a deal with johnnie walker for a 18% tax rate on ALL PROFIt worldwide..)

          • meow meow

            forgot: the annual budget for development aid of the Netherlands is around €250 million..

          • Anonymous

            Yes, how DARE a political entity protect its internal trade. It’s not like every african nation (the ones that can enforce laws, at least) isn’t doing it. Even more so, why SHOULDN’T the EU encourage internal trade?

            No point complaining about outsourcing either. The money western companies pay to foreign worksmen (and women. And children.) is a far greater economic boon than half-hearted assistance that ends up in the pockets of corrupt warlords and dictators of the african minor nations. Although outsourcing is done mainly in asian states, but the case still stands.

            • meow meow

              ‘Yes, how DARE a political entity protect its internal trade. It’s not like every african nation (the ones that can enforce laws, at least) isn’t doing it. Even more so, why SHOULDN’T the EU encourage internal trade?’

              There is noproblem with protection ones trade.. but there are limits, look at the US.. without trade protection their economy would crumble.. just a guess, but isn’t there something wrong with the system than? Dont give me that BS about how ‘we’ are not able to do anything about poverty in the world because we can. WE just dont want to. the EU could focus more on the knowledge economy and even produce foodsupply for a cheaper price in Africa, while paying minimum wages without trade protection.

              outsourcing helps.. right. Tell me.. how did Apple help the Chinese again? ooh, by paying them $300 for 60 hour work weeks. that really helped. There is no problem with outsourcing, but the goal of outsourcing is to keep the price as low as possible. At all costs. Companies and Western countries don’t care about working conditions in 2nd and 3rd worl countries.. because those companies PAY for those rights by tax and by funding political parties.

              the biggest problem is that douchebags like you arent willing to pay that extra bit of money for their consumer lifestyles.as long as products are cheap you don’t care how it is made.

  • Gana

    People from Mexico and Ecuador are Americans too

    • Smart

      Oh please. Give it up. It’s simply a term that applies to the USA because you can’t call us “USAers.” America is part of our country’s NAME. It’s simply a matter of convenience.

    • Nicnac

      and in another context, you would be insulted if someone called you “American”.

  • http://skainviatofane.wordpress.com skainviatofane

    wow great post!

  • Anonymous

    Love how the US family is the only one eating a bunch of processed shit. No wonder we’re all dying slow deaths from industrial poison. Ooohhh pizza!

  • alysinwunderland

    The Germans look like the only ones that purchased beer and wine, that will increase your food budget a great deal.

  • top dog

    I guess people buy what they can afford. The best thing about some places, nothing is wasted. But five hundred dollars a week is a lot, those people should be fat as hell. We don’t spend that much a month.

  • Rich

    Sicilians sure love their bread.

    • met

      I bet all those families living in under $100 a week have a much healthier diet than others, hence a longer & happier life.

  • Gutterville

    Im not surpirsed with that $500 a week ze germans love their food
    Go to Germany on a friday or saturday you will see queues of people at resturants and bars

    • Anonymous

      how much of that $500 was spent on taxes? aside from the booze, doent look like the german family really bought more or extravagant food.

      notice the lack of meat in most the diets

  • partner

    Great post. Oh, and these comments suck

  • beatrice

    rock on, Merlander family, rock on

  • franklin D.

    I’m sorry but #2 is disheartening and def. American. I’ll be the first to say that I eat like hell from time to time but if you shoved all those preservatives, MSG, and carbs in your system week in and week out, well, enjoy age 45 and whatever crappy years remain after that.

    • top dog

      Actually the top five should be disheartening, all five eat processed food. Look at the botton half, notice most of their food is fresh and probably grown in the back yard. So don’t make it seems as if only people from the USA eat process food, granted, we do eat a lot. I’ve been to some of these places, everybody eat processed food to an extent.

  • Anonymous


  • Cajun Carrot

    Leave it to idiots to generalize a whole population from one picture. Idiots. I’ll say it again. Idiots. One more time. Idiots.

    • Sam

      Ok, let’s assume you’re right. Are you ok with me specifically saying that the Revis family is generally unhealthy and represents a significant sample of the American population?

      • guy

        I suppose that would be reasonable. I live in the US and I don’t have any friends that are overweight, eat crappy food, or anything like that. However, in the grand scheme of things there is a very large percentage of Americans that are overweight because of the poor eating habits they possess. I can see why other countries would assume all Americans are fat asses (but it’s not true).

  • Aski

    30 bottles of beer and 4 bottles of wine a week for the germans? Are they sure?

  • Carter

    Saw that bleeding heart ‘be gratefull’ trite bullshit coming a mile off.

  • Cajun Carrot

    Naw, just more inclined for people to stop believing crafted BS on the internet to be absolute truth.

  • Cajun Carrot

    Also, that american family looks to be pretty damned fit to be consuming all that junk food. They look like they were hand picked models. If all they were eating was pizza and potato chips I want to know their work out routines cause it looks as if the father is pretty darned fit as well. Actually the american family is in the top 3 of healthy just by judging a picture.

    I also like the placement of a burger king and mcdonald’s cups on their table… and the delivery pizzas. Since when do those count as groceries?

    Pure product placement BS.

  • Rusty

    You know, if I could get the same sort of prices on produce and such that it looks like they get in Poland, Egypt and Bhutan, I’d probably eat a lot healthier … looks like they’ve got a pretty good thing going there!

  • Anonymous

    Okay Chive people, thanks, but I don’t need your ethics. Sure there are people who have less, but my feelings towards them go no further than human sympathy. They were just born in the wrong place at the wrong time and have a tougher life than we do, but you’re not going to change that; nothing will. So please, this site is meant to brighten my day, not make me feel bad about myself…

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