You know what, play with your food (19 Photos)

  • ace

    Colored Bacon!!!! nom nom

    • Justin Beiber

      I actually barfed a little when I saw the bacon… and the pork loaf that looks like a pig.

      • mikethecarpenter

        did you just say the pork loaf looked like a pig? you must be a chick, who doesnt like bacon

  • First


    • You are a tard

      wow…really…you should never had been born…im going back to the future to kill your mother

  • T-BOZ


  • T-BOZ

    First bitches!

  • Bamrocket


  • MsKris

    If someone gave me a heart shaped pizza, I'd be forever theirs . . .but it'd have to have the right toppings.

    • CPO Mendez

      I've done that once or twice… It's not hard… the trick, as you said, is KNOWING the toppings the lady likes. If she doesn't like beef or sausage it'd be smart not to put those on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm first yay

    FIRST thing i wanna say is, cooooolllll.

  • Garek

    what us Americans need more, another reason to make bacon even better!

  • MichaelGS

    keyboard waffle iron FTW xD

  • Yo!

    first or fail.. rate down plz.. ty

  • Yo!!

    first or fail… rate down plz

  • jew hunter

    be the first one?

  • admiralevident

    The multi-hued bacon is sick and wrong…but I bet it would be tasty.

  • me34drr

    So yeah new comment section is awful__

  • thetech2

    bacon is tasty in any color

  • jrdf

    gotta love the tittle

  • doo dah doo doo

    lol’d@ #11. i agree the bacon thing is sick and wrong.

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  • sparky

    mmmm. turtle burger

  • jezebel

    turtle burger!

  • mark

    burger turtle

  • kaiwatha

    is it weird if i think that that turtle burger looks really REALLY good….=/

  • ATouchofInsanity

    I want that waffle iron…Keyboard waffles for the serious gamer!

  • asdasd

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  • SoCalPal

    Uhhhh…….I'll have one Turtle Burger and large fries to go please.

  • anon

    and i totally agree

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