This restaurant, well, it’s not normal (18 Photos)

These photos are of chain restaurant known as ‘Modern Toilet’. There are many locations but I believe that these photos were taken in Taiwan.

  • James

    *prevents firsters*

  • Gordon of Hesselink


    • Shabba Ranks

      Jan Vennegoor disagrees…he eats there all the time.

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        Dear Mr Ranks….I must thank you for giving me amusement during my high school days….Many confused white kids thought you were very cool and ran around the school yelling "Shabba"…..this gave me many days of ammunition for making fun of these kids….no disrespect to you and or your music though….just to the confused white kids in MA during the early to mid 90's who thought you music might get them laid…..


    So, they shit on bowls and plates?

  • dude

    This is indeed in taiwan. I live and work here, they have a few other not so normal restaurants as well such as a jail house where each table is in a cell and they pass you your food under the door. There is also a hospital style restaurant where all the waitresses are dressed as nurses and your drinks in iv bags that are hanging.

    This particular restaurant is near the biggest night market in Taipei city the restaurant is strange but the menu is even stranger as they name everything on the menu especially the desserts (ice cream in the squatting style toilets) some of the names they have given are things like, baby shit, diarrhea, bloody shit and many many more. I actually had the bloody shit which is like a strawberry sundae.

    • ank

      Saw the "Hospital Style" restaurant on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

    • workin_donkey

      I had the bloody shit once too. Not quite the same as you describe it. Yep, not quite.

  • Beau

    Alright folks, it's time to ask the question; who ordered the deuce?

  • X-nun

    The idea of eating chocolate ice cream out of a toilet doesn't bother me but I think I could possibly have a problem drinking out of a urinal glass.

  • Belisario

    it's supposed to be funny, and for some sure it is. But I'm pretty sure I could not eat there.

  • dw55

    the evolution of food
    normal food…….fast food…….and now shit food:S

  • stafferty

    How is it that I don't see a magazine rack in any of these pictures? Do they consider that some tabloid magazines would be taken as bad taste?

  • Jason

    I hear this restaurant was opened by the girls from the "Two Girls One Cup" video.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    This officially gets My WTF award of the day…..makes me glad im a vegetarian

    • Shabba Ranks


  • ...

    I've got some friends that went…said the food was pretty good

  • showtownman

    Um, I don't think I could, uh, "go" there.

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    It's Asian? i think I'm about to have a heart attack and die of 'not-surprise'.

  • mirou

    shity idea

  • dleet

    it's actually one of the best tasting hot pots ever.

  • anon

    you are gay.

  • Shabba

    Whinny is the noise a horse makes at best, failing that I think you need to invest in a spellchecker.

    And I take back my 'whinning' comment, all the comments came back so we cool Chive.

    PS: You don't suck.

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