Friday motivation, because you deserve it (21 Photos)

  •!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    Bestest Speeller Off The Year Award: because not every captionist can win Best Speller of the Year Award

    • MiPo_TheGoat

      I think some of these peoples computer usage needs needs to be monitored more closely!!!

    • Bryan

      You said it all hellHath. I couldn't wait to comment. I don't understand why people cant fucking spell.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Furthermore, while I'm up here
    It is my
    Responsibility to
    Save this post from
    That one douchebag that always says….

    • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      "But can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"

    • Sharktopus

      Unfortunately, you didn't save us from the douchebag that is you.

      • DoucheWhisperer

        Dear Sharktopus, why so angry? Whats troubling you?? Is it a case of the small cox that has been going around? You may need to have a procedure done called a addadictomy. That will cure the small cox but unfortunately the douchies will remain forever. Im sorry

        • ZINGUS

          And yet another chivalrous Chiver rushes to the defense of HHNF. HHNF is soooooo overrated.

          • DoucheWhisperer

            It is more about saving the Chive from douches one nozzle/bag at a time. And if someone has to single out and knock the outspoken female of the gang constantly to make them feel like a man then they are clearly in need of help.

            • DeMonikk1

              I spy…internet chivalry??

          • MaggaDos

            HHNF actually seems smart and witty, Screaming Pelicans on the otherhand are far too overrated.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Well it's the fact that she is smart, witty, gorgeous, awesome, and funny as hell that people feel they have to knock her down. That's what happens in a world ran by douche bags.

              • HellHathNoFury

                I love you, lady. Seriously, I posted TWO sarcastic jokes here, one with an obviously intentional misspelling and another with 'first', and I get hated upon. if I were any other idiot, no one would care.

                • ZINGUS

                  Mmmmm, I'd put my tongue in HHNF's slit to taste the sweet, sticky sarcasm.

                  • HellHath NoFury

                    I'll just be…building a bomb shelter in the woods now.

                    • HeartUnderTheRose

                      Just be sure to buy some iron underwear with a lock just in case you run into any crazed backwoods people who want to make you squeal like a pig. Here, I'll come with to defend you with my poking stick!

                    • CPO_Mendez

                      Don't worry Misses they're from the internet.

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      I know *some people who are alot closer than the internet! But I won't say whom.

          • its_forge

            Er, no offense but, screw that, offense meant – who cares what you think? Note lack of smiley.

    • CapnS

      I see whut u did thar… we all hate you a little more because of it too hhnf

    • Mr. Jack and Coke

      don't you hate when you want them to do it they never do it then when you don't want them to do it they do it. Sorry that didn't work out so well for ya.

      • HellHath NoFury


  • Benny

    what's with the spelling??? there are like 2 or 3 incorrectly spelled captions…

    • Mr. Fancypants

      No Caption Left Behind.

    • Kelsey Grammar

      Incorrect. There are 6 misspellings, and 2 glaring grammar mistakes. FALE! <—–(FAIL).

    • Vince

      Bad spelling is worth -2pts on the funny scale. Don't even post'em.

  • Sharktopus

    I hate grammar twatzis

    • HellHathNoFury

      Oh, how punny. I see what you did there. Twat…haha, like a vagina, instead of a Nazi. Clever.
      PS: Only those who spell like ignorant, uneducated idiots hate grammer Nazis.

      • Not again

        Thank You HHNF. I thought I was the only one who hated the ignorant, uneducated spellers…

      • Sharktopus

        You mean a grammar Nazi, fool.

      • gerrorist

        "Only those who spell like ignorant, uneducated idiots hate grammer Nazis."

        "grammer Nazis."


        oh and by the way, anyone with any sort of background in descriptive linguistics looks at the self-described grammar nazis of the internet.

        and we laugh at you. because you are dinosaurs. and because half the time, you can't even follow your own set of arbitrary rules, that is, if you even bother to codify rules that have any amount of internal consistency in the first place (hint: you don't).

      • HHNoGrammarAbility

        hahhaa LOL what's a 'grammEr'? haaaaaaaaaahahaha man your such a poser, unless you meant Kelsey Grammer, and in that case WTF are you talking about!?

        • HellHathNoFury

          it was an obvious joke. You know, an ironic pun. as if I, hating people who cannot spell, spelled a very commonly used word, incorrectly. Idiot.

          • Gerrorist

            is the obvious joke that you don't appear to know what 'ironic' means?

            or 'pun'?

            or is the joke that you are now hilariously backpedalling, waving your arms and frantically shrieking "NO GUYS, SEE, I *MEANT* TO SHIT MY PANTS! HAHA YEAH, IT WAS JUST A TROLL THIS WHOLE TIME"

            oh shit, maybe the joke is that you are conitinuing to troll the rest of us even now.

            dude, you're a genius. very ironic and punny of you.

            • HellHath NoFury

              The welfare office opens back up on Monday. Take a deep breath. You'll be fine until then.

              • Gerrorist

                thank god you were on hand to deliver that biting non sequitur. sure put me in my place.

                also, did you just try to insult me by implying that i receive welfare?

                that is class.

                • HellHath NoFury

                  Well, by your attitude, I perceived that you must have been raised either by complete trash, or used to hanging out with such. You did a good job of fooling me, great actor.

                  • Gerrorist

                    oh, i get the joke now

                    the joke is that you aren't capable of putting together any sort of cogent rebuttal when someone calls you on your bullshit, so you just resort to half-assed ad hominems while a bunch of sycophants jeer and mewl "but WHY are all these people PICKING on YOU?!?!"

                    that's too bad, I was hoping for something funnier

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      *pats on head
                      Oh, how cute. 'Gerrorist', like, 'terrorist', but not quite. How provocative and non-conformist of you. Those are my sycophants you're talking about. Someday, when you stop wearing all black and get some sun of your pale, unweathered skin, you'll have your own friends in REAL life that actually like you as a person. Mine just happen to visit the Chive as well.

                    • Gerrorist

                      oh, great, more patronizing non-sequiturs.

                      truly you have the oratory skills of churchill himself.

                      it's interesting that you project this image of a pasty basement dweller with poor fashion sense onto me. very telling.

                      well, i suppose we all draw from our own best-known experience..

                    • HellHathGotOwned

                      LOL gerrorist you're a legend, HHNF do you even realize how much of an ass you look like with your try-hard rebuttals…….lame

  • Sharktopus

    Twat nazis, see what I did there? Thumb me down if you're in town!!

    • DoucheWhisperer

      Sharktopus, I recommend that you meet with me at least twice a week on a regular basis. Acute Doucheitis is a serious condition that needs professional help ASAP. If it is caught early it can be cured…..Please dont be a douche for life. Massengil and Summers eve has already covered the market on that.

      • Donkeyballs

        Please keep jokes to a 1 line maximum. kthx

        • DoucheWhisperer

          too much for you to process??

          • ZINGUS

            Sharktopus seems like a pretty effective troll….and he's got you suckers hook, line and sinker.

          • Anthraxprincess


  • ChrisDG74

    Aside from some the spelling and grammatical errors(which I know are not the Chive's fault), good post.
    #19 – Yes

    • Sizzle

      Disagree. Most of these were super lame.

      • Dave

        Agreed. #16 is the only one that make me chuckle.

  • b doobie b doo

    I don't often take time to harp on others about their grammar, especially here at the Chive, but Holy Hell, some of those captions were so butchered I just wanted to close the page.

    • Lance

      Amen to that. It's like they were written by a retarded kid for whom English is not a first (or even second) language.

  • chiver

    worst motivational yet. I must say.

  • Gutterville

    # 19 they have such big breast becuase they drink alot of beer and beer has hopes in it and that allow women to get much bigger breast and for men you get that massive beer belly

    • didja

      my head just exploded

    • MiPo_TheGoat

      holy shit bro!!! huh??

    • Gerrorist

      i think maybe you should consult a different biology text.

      because someone has been lying to you, apparently about a great many things.

  • Biggus Diccus

    I still spell it grammer cuz I'm a moron

  • chrisdg74

    #12 just screams Summer's Eve and Massengill.

  • tyquan

    #1 looks like Majin Vegeta…

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Holy Shit, some of you are pissed off this morning!!!! Happy Friday

    • fourTWOzero

      seriously!!! people…its friday…take a hit off my fat ass blunt, relax and enjoy the upcoming weekend!!!

  • Tainted Tuna

    #2: So many faggots on one roller coaster.

  • Llamaman

    Am I the only one who finds #13 hot. Jailbait but hot none the less.

    • codeblu1

      No, you're not alone, and she's not jailbait to me. 🙂 Besides, that one's been out for some time. She's probably legal now.

    • kjk

      yeah she is cute. I don't get the paper bag thing… I mean find an ugly emo girl and then it would be funny. Find a really cute one and tell her to wear a paper bag and you are GAY.

      chive…. you fail me

    • its_forge

      Nope, that is a very cute kid, she could be Katie Holmes's sister even. (Note: I personally think Katie Holmes is blindingly attractive, ymmv and frankly I don't care if ymmv) And she's only jailbait if you're over 18 BUT I bet she was at least that in this picture here which is several years old. = )

  • Mix-A-Lot

    #3: Baby Got Back!

    • MiPo_TheGoat

      front and side to side..

  • john

    Not the best round of motivational posters…. some of them aren't funny at all, and I am no grammar nazi but that is beyond bad grammar.

    Tank catapult ftw

  • Gandalf..

    y does the guy in '2' looks Chinese…??

  • Beau

    Agreed, tank catapult FTW.

    Also, did anyone else notice the spelling issues? Oh wait, the entire comment board before me did. Ok, good, at least we covered that.

    You may see hitman monkey at the strip joints drinking away his joyless life, hoping that big titties and jiggling booties will bring some manner of enjoyment to his life. It pretty much does the trick.

  • admiralevident

    I am just enjoying #17. I said that over Thanksgiving dinner last year and I thought my aunt's head would explode. She had never considered a 100 something year old dude hanging out with high school girls as a problem until then.

    "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

    • chrisdg74

      So, you're a freshman, right? Tell me, man, how's this year's crop of freshman chicks lookin' this year?

  • Equalizer

    Who's Lindsay Loham?

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Well i see not much has changed here over the past couple of hours, Engarish wasnt a strong suit of the post, HHNF is getting ganged up on by a pack of rabid nozzles while she is away. After this post and comment thread i may need to go to therapy.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yeah, seriously, I make a couple of silly jokes, and it's like a pack of wild dogs up there. OMG what is humor? We no understandy!

      • Cody Symes

        It's the internet… What did you expect?

        • HellHath NoFury

          Anyone worth their air is the same online as they are in person. Half of them wouldn't talk like that if I were within whacking distance, pussies.

          • Gerrorist

            So are you saying that the posts you make online, here, are reflective of the person you are in real life?

            If so, that's not really a particularly flattering image of yourself to put forward. Although at the very least, nobody could ever fault you for being insincere.

  • Cpt. Obvious II

    If there has ever been a valid argument for increased border patrols this post is it

  • JJJ

    I don't understand what you mean, 'bestest' isn't actually a word and 'speeller' is actually spelt as speller.

  • Bud Ugly

    I'm not sure why I laughed fairly hard at #15. *shakes head*

    • ccoplaymate


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