The Fantasy Factory’s hot rapping receptionist: Chanel

  • some dude


  • 2 Live Jew

    Just rap her up and give her to me!

  • jacksons hole

    super cute

  • chrisdg74

    Me likey.

  • Squidr

    Dirty Jessica Simpson?

  • Nick

    she needs to smile more…she's way hotter when she smiles.

  • justakid

    hot…but mildly retarded with a side of down syndrome

  • A.C.fromCANADA

    She is very good looking and has a great personality, but #4 killed it for me, possibly the most unattractive thing a girl can do, chicks that smoke = huge turn off

    • Tonsil Wrecker

      just shut up and let her blow you bro!!!! Dont know a good thing when you see it…. No one said to propose and marry it…

    • The real D. Nozzle


    • top dog

      Great personality, and you can tell that just by looking at a few photos? If so, You're a better man than me.

      • McBeastie

        She's on a TV show. Maybe that's how he knows about the personality smart ass.

        • top dog

          What show is that?

      • Babs

        Try watching Fantasy Factory, and you'll see she's a totally crack up, and a damn good rapper.

    • The Annoyed Elephant

      I gotta agree with AC. She was hot up until #4. And then she resumed being hot.

      • northerner

        I add my agreement, #4, the stupid cig hanging from her mouth blew it. But I gotta give credit to #26, man, what a lovely tush!

    • Insert Name Here


    • Boris

      Love it.

  • Tonsil Wrecker

    Cute girl plus potential psychiatric problems and or daddy issues ===== AWESOME

  • cdnalor

    I dig the groovy 60's vibe in some of these pix! Outasite!

  • Booya

    She reminds me of a skinny Jessica Simpson with down syndrome.

  • Jim

    Squidr, I was thinking the same thing!


    I misread the tittle at first…

  • Il Duce

    I agree with Booya—–but better than Jessica Simpson!!

  • Htownpunk

    I would much like to touch the assgina…….

  • Phreaky

    Seriously, she's a buttah face. Her face is beat looking. Without photo shop and special lighting, it looks like she got punched in the mouth, bags under her eyes, pig nose…
    Some of you are just too desperate and will take anything.

    • Boris


  • The real D. Nozzle

    Rob Dyrdek's fantasy Factory.

  • Buffet


  • its_forge

    That keister and all that hair are definite win.

  • rikooprate

    #3 is amazing! She looks all pouty and innocent. Makes me feel like a pedophile! I need one of those pedobear hoodies…

    More bikini pix plz!!! Is that a G-String???

  • lokiluck

    B.U.T.T.E.R.F.A.C.E. but then the fact that she's female and not fat means 90% of the guys who see her are gonna leer at her anyway.

    • Boris


  • dtriz

    Dyrdek is only 5'7" so shes damn short

  • downsydrome??

    have any of u people seen the show, shes cute on a daily basis. There are A LOT more white girls out there that wished they could be half as cute as she is. HATERS GONNA HATE!!!

  • SHEisAbadBIOTCH!

    she never claimed to be a supermodel. Shes just a regular down to earth chick. Ill take her over any stuckup nose in the air model. LOSERS!!

  • johnny rotten

    #16 + 19 ftw

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