High speed nature photography by Scott Linstead (17 photos)

Check out more of Scott’s amazing work at his websites here
and here.

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  • Cheez-Stick

    The time he must have spent outside to get all those shots…..wow.

  • Hugh Jass

    These pictures are phenomenal. It really is sad that so many of these animals are endangered species, soon all that will be left are pictures.

  • http://www.meneame.net/story/fotografias-alta-velocidad-naturaleza-scott-linstead Fotografías de alta velocidad, Naturaleza por Scott Linstead

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  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/dw55 dw55

    i luv nature

  • DaddyD

    #12. That is all.

  • Equalizer

    #10 – oh, I'm sorry. Is this your fish?

  • Furthy

    Damn that rattler looks pissed off.

  • johnny rotten

    jesus lizard

  • Hotdog Neck

    Owls make me horny. Thanks Chive!

  • What do I know?

    Owls are incredible birds. Go to an owl web site to read about the special characteristics of their eyes, their ability to swivel their heads, and how silent their flight is compared with other birds. Some species of owls are huge, yet their flight is nearly silent.

  • Sudeep Das

    superb superb superb………………… all pics are incredible………..

  • Shawna

    Oh my God these photos are so pretty! I love the bat and all the owl ones the most. ❤ ^_^

  • HellHath NoLife

    so cool.

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