Adriana Lima seems comfortable in a bikini (19 HQ photos)


    God Bless HQ Chive and Rainbow Bikinis

  • HellHath NoFury

    Wh….whut the? Did we just have sex? Now let's all try to convince her that she'd be much more comfortable naked. *nods vigorously*

    • dw55

      if she does that, we will be more comfortable…… the way did you just have sex?;)

      • HellHath NoFury

        I think I'd forgotten how til looking at her.

        • dw55

          I think now the image is damn clear

          • HellHath NoFury

            aaand there goes the last of my dignity.

            • dw55

              don't worry i'll save some for you

  • Slushee

    good titts, cute face.

    thats it, i hate skinny legs, cmon chive, :-/ this is ok for a tuesday but not a friday.

    • Big Bob

      I disagree…she's pretty damn close to perfect. Those legs would perfectly wrap around my head.

    • Beldar

      I was thinking the same thing. Great tits and face, but the rest? She need to bulk up a little bit.

      • jack

        yes. because we all love a bulky woman.

  • johnny rotten

    #13 ftw

  • someguy

    She's got it. Yeah, baby, she's got it.

  • Penis

    that was good

  • thetech2

    HQ pics do her no justice I like her but not in HQ there are lots of better looking women out there she still get high marks for being beautiful tho

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    is she trying to pass gas in some of these pics……not very flattering in some of em…..she's hot but its not her best shoot….I also think she pee'd in the water…

    • northerner

      Hey, nice thought, MiPo…got my attention…as a "pee fan"…lol!

  • Homesteader


    And boom goes the dynamite…

  • mikethecarpenter

    what? there has got to be the pics of her switching bikinis, and if the chive really loved us they might tell us where to look for them.

  • chrisdg74

    I'd sure be comfortable in her.

  • King373

    I like #15. It is actually a dumb pose you might see a normal girl doing for a pic…..not a modelly one.

    • northerner

      Don't care. I LIKE "down the bow" shots. Showcases her lovely crotch… in fact, there's a lot of crotch shots. Yum! I lost count after #2….nice package, face, boobs, legs….

  • keithp420

    in my next life I'm coming back as that beach sand….

    • Beldar

      I'm coming back as her bikini.

    • Darty Deeds

      I'm coming back as her favorite dildo.

  • uberbrie

    I like the girls on TV 'cause they got more ass than the models…?

  • garp

    …I volunteer to lick the sand out of her cracks during bikini changes

  • P-squeezy

    Actually she doesn't look comfortable at all. She looks god, but not comfortable. Flailing around in the sand with a poopy look on her face. She can barely stand up. Hot yes, comfortable, no.

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  • floscar

    Well played Chive, well played.

  • aosux

    It would have been hilarious if a dolphin swam up and started humping her.

  • Ashley Baker

    massive gusset …

  • Equalizer

    It looks like she just woke up this morning…

  • Phil


  • metalcool36

    A faptastic way to start my day!!!

  • top dog

    I like #16, thats a "come and get it" pose, and I'd be running to it.

  • top dog

    Spark in her eyes? I"am only interested in the fire in her loins.

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