Some of the coolest bizarre restaurants in the world (20 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • dw55

      why you have to do this? you've just proved to god knows much that you are a pointless douche person.
      Chive enough with First

  • BigDingo

    full of win… except for the stupid toilet. How many times do we need to see posts about that restaurant?

    • Insert Name Here


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  • dogbert

    I know the restaurant from #1-4, it's on Okinawa, Japan. #19 is also in Japan, don't know which city though.

    • WowThatsStrange

      Born and raised in Okinawa. God I miss it.

  • King373

    Dear Japan,
    Your odd…that is all

  • Andy

    I've been to the one on Okinawa. It is right by the airport.

  • Thea

    i've eaten at 6-8 and 13.

    6-8's in Hong Kong. Food's pretty good. 13's in the Maldives. Super expensive, really good food.

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  • El Avion

    9-11 is in Costa Rica. El Avion outside of Manual Antonio. I've eaten there, and the story behind it is pretty weird as well – that plane is the sister of the one that was shot down in Nicaragua starting the Iran Contra scandal –

  • evawing

    Wow, lived a couple blocks away from #1-4 (Naha, Okinawa). I'll admit to being a bit shocked by the place when I first saw it. Food is just okay though.

  • AAWW Yeah

    Numbers 16-18 are Sirocco and Sky Bar at The State Tower in Bangkok, Thailand. Went there recently, and the view is absolutely incredible. Sky Bar extends over the corner of one of the (if not the, at 63 floors) tallest building in Bangkok.

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