Hot Right Now: People with porn stars and strippers in their family reveal how they found out (6 Photos)

DNA, that stuff works (16 Photos)

The following photos are not photoshopped, nor are they before-and-after photos of the same person. Instead, they are photos of family pasted on top of their immediate relatives. The force is strong with the DNA, man...

  • Phil

    8 and 11 are great lol

    Otherwise… no surprise here. Oh, right, but I'm not a Creationist.

  • Slakker_Bob

    Wow, #7 still looks as good!

    Yes I'm drunk, but still, I'd hit that Gmilf!

  • Pancake

    Lol at 11 that crossed eyed lookin thing. That shits creepy as hell to look at

  • BigDingo

    very cool and very weird

  • shanna

    i saw this on another site they said it was early photos combined with recent ones of the same person…..anyone know?

    • Holly

      Can't be, some are opposite sex's… unless they had a sex change… hmm…

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