It’s Monday, you should get away (27 Photos)

  • bleh

    first! wow, ive never done that before

    • leukos

      honestly, i don't even care if people say "first", it doesnt bother me

      • Urmom

        you know, why did you react on him if you don't care?

    • bleh sucks

      You've accomplished your life goal! Now go play in traffic…

      • bleh sucks sucks

        Grats, your comment is about as interesting / original as the person who said "first", now go play in traffic for being bothered by something so petty

  • bleh

    aww thanks guys! i appreciate it

  • Sam

    Where are these beautiful landscapes located?
    ones possibly QLD

  • dot


  • chrisdg74

    Beautiful places. I will be out in northern California all next week for business. Any places out there that look even slightly like any of these?

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      say hi to Ah-nold….

      • chrisdg74


  • dw55

    just wanna know what number 7 is ????

  • ronnie

    sure is a beautiful world

  • osborl12

    They forgot to zoom in in #18.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT


  • theCHIVE: It’s Monday, you should away (27 photos) - Funny Pics

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  • Tagz

    Anyone know where #9 is or what it's called?

  • Lisa Martin

    Peaceful. Graceful. Thankful. 😉

  • B-Man

    Chive could you please list the locations of each pic? Or at least start in future posts?

  • Kyle

    26 is pure win.

  • durp

    17 looks like the beginning to hl2: lost coast.

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