Note to self: don’t park my bike when I’m blackout drunk (20 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Firstly

      I know you all missed me, but my schedule has been a bit off for getting first posts lately. With that, see you later, suckas!

      • pufffdragon

        And like anyone here really cares about you or your masturbation schedule.

  • Lulu

    was this funny?

    i forget

  • asdg

    16 is on a chairlift at a mtb park. i put my downhill bike on stuff like that all the time.

  • Hater

    Most of these are thieves' attempts to steal bikes- not drunken episodes of bike lock-downs. And, yes, they all suck. A post like this should be on thefairy, I mean theberry.

  • Matthew

    Its true!
    I used this site and met the man of my dreams. His name is Dave and we hang out all the time, he gave me a handjob on the bus yesterday.
    I feel like this site has changed my world, I am now truly happy thankyou.

  • Holly


  • chrisdg74

    Thank you so much. Through this site, I hooked up with your mom and sister. And, man do they get nasty.

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  • Lisa Martin

    #6 that bull is in Grand Junction Colorado I think. I've seen folks passed out under him more than once. 😀 Gotta love a college town.

    • Kyle

      Um. No. That bull is the Wall Street Bull statue. NYC.

      • Lisa Martin

        Hmmm. There's very similar in GJ. Now I gotta go look next time I'm down there…sheesh. :p lol…oh well.

        • Lisa Martin

          *There's a very similar one in GJ.

          Note to self…wake up earlier on Saturday mornings. :p

  • Marcos Haubert

    #9 FTW!

  • Steven Vargas

    #20 how the hell did it get up there? the others at least you see ropes tied to it

  • ebay21

    welcome to ::( h t t p : / / w ww . e b ay 2 1 . c om / )

  • Eric

    The bike on the ski lift is because someone wants to go Downhill Mountain Biking.

  • Matty

    #16 is at Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah. During the summer bike racks are mounted on the Payday lift and Town lift. That one is Town lift. Spent a summer working that damn chair 😛 now i get to load my bike up and appreciate it.

  • john v.

    this is a great post… I have my mtn. bike, 2 road bikes, and a goin-to-the-store-don't-give-a-shit-about-bike that I paid $10 for. Steal my car (it's insured), but don't fuck with my bikes.

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  • juicy couture

    good stuff !!

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