• metawlest

    i guess they had it set to the wrong sleep number…

    • fsasadf

      worst joke ever but it made me laugh harder than the guy above you

  • femtrooper

    Some one explain this reasoning please?

    • anon

      probably a landing gear malfunction

      • workin_donkey

        Really?!? Really. A landing gear malfunction occurs and the first thing in the standard operating procedures states, "Retrieve mattresses from barracks and assemble landing pad on tarmac." Do you really think that a bunch of PFC's lugged those out for a landing gear malfunction? It's GOTTA BE something other than that. Please…tell me it's something else.

        • NELSON


        • Kano

          sop would be to circle to burn off as much fuel as possible whilst trying to figure what is wrong with the landing gear. Maybe pull some G to try and dislodge a jam. Would of given the ground crew maybe 15-30 mins to figure something out.. In this case matresses!

        • armchairnixon

          Who said it was standard operating procedure? If, for some reason, the landing gear stops working, you need to figure out a way to land it safely. I applaud them for thinking outside the box and figuring out a way to land that Harrier without completely destroying it and providing some cushioning between the jet and the tarmac.

    • Nick

      the jet sucked in one of the mattresses. They are thrusting really hard to hold up 6 tons of plane.

    • Skyler A.

      i feel all of you should know that the harrier over heats its engine when the nozzle are faced downward, so it carries a 100gal cooling tank of water, however this only lets it remain vertical for 80 seconds or so. dont take your info from mw2, theres so much BS in that game i could rage.

      • @JesperA86

        You are such a fucking idiot

    • Fumducker

      If it is a Harrier then they might just be testing the vertical landing or take off and put mattresses in case it fails? Or the landing gear malfunctioned during this test?

  • Phil


  • fasterthanu

    This a training exercise if bedding stores are ever infiltrated by terrorists?

  • Roberto

    Matresses were sucked into the engine. no matresses no engine big damage!

  • Northman

    Is this what happens when soldiers have to think for themselves?

    • westerly

      How is anyone rating this douche up for talking shit about soldiers? Northman, you are a cunt.

    • Prick be him

      Hopefully you are from another country so you can move back there with no border issues.

    • Bigman

      Heh, nice one!

      Oh noes, mattresses are soft, lets drag them out!

  • gator

    true lies 2?

    • rob

      your fired.

      • Kjellupa


  • sep

    How to kill Bedbugs…

  • Stevo

    Mattress testing for when your fat ass gets on it.


    Silly question … why the hell didn’t they try that on the grass next to the runway? Surely that’s a bit softer

  • Evan

    Should have used a Sleep Number.

  • HardCore Mike

    Seems like the military would have some large pillow tanks or ??? something larger/better than them puny mattresses.

  • Cog

    Harry Tasker would have done this without breaking a sweat!

    • jroy

      Chuck Norris could've caught it……..with one arm behind his back!

  • Travis

    Maybe I'm not thinking right, but I believe that the important part is not the cost of the damage to the plane, but that the pilot lived. I don't know, I'm crazy like that, though.

  • Henrey 8th

    Uhhh, if they are trying to land a plane thats returned to base, I dont think they have much time to screw around with elaborate landing platforms. Hence, I'm sure, the mattresses.

  • Low

    Thatll buff out.

  • Shale

    A little paint, little bondo, good as new.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Holy shit, those Serta's are badass

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  • Harrier

    Pudding from the mess hall would have been a better solution.

  • equalizermax

    This is how the government spend our tax money…

  • TheDon

    An original Harrier can only hover for about a minute before its engines overheat. They may have had a landing gear malfunction while the aircraft was low on fuel, so had limited time to figure out a solution to save the airframe before the pilot had to bail due to running on fumes. They probably didn't have an airtanker nearby, or the aircraft may not have been equipped with inflight-refuelling.

    Looks like they just smushed the dorsal conards and put a few dents in the body. Probably mostly cosmetic… if not designed to be sheared off (and easily replaced) in the event of a belly landing.

    • Butthead

      you said harrier

    • 'Merica_FuckYeah!

      Yes, so in that 60 seconds they magically made some mattresses appear.
      Stupid Americans.

  • punkuhr

    @ equalizermax
    I would rather, as a tax payer, pay for 6 mattresses than a Harrier Jet. I would imagine the damage done with this solution is a lot less than if it just hit bare concrete, and the repairs would only cost a couple (hundred) thousand versus 30-35 Million for a new one.

  • jurtyhg

    Fake. Photoshopped

  • Maddog

    I think someone saw that WWII movie too many times. The one where the guy draws wheels on the plane and they land. Yeah…at least that is magical. This is just dumb. Not to mention a hideous waste of taxpayer's dollars.

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