The A-Cero Mobile Home turns a red neck into blue blood (8 HQ photos)

The architecture studio A-cero, managed by Joaquin Torres, is making projects beyond the traditional term of “house” and has created a habitable and comfortable space inside a truck. Don't dare call this an RV...or do, we don't really care.

This mobile home has been designed for long term living, instead of your traditional periodic traveling. A-cero designed the furniture details in the practical interior space. The furniture is built from Corian: a light and hard material that supports the usual vibrations and movements of driving.


  • Ogglr

    Nicer than my house 😦

  • pookie

    Looks really nice but I've never really liked that antiseptic white, ipod look when applied to houses. Looks like something out of a dystopian future where everyone is fed happy pills

    • BabyMistakes

      Right, right. Equilibrium-ish.

    • Guest

      Isn't that what they do now?

  • @jewelry_wolf

    How can I get out of the smart after park inside…

    • Webb

      You don't park it inside you push it in.

      • Mike

        that's what she said

        • cubanitagirl

          priceless lol

    • Dave Gal

      Maybe you need a convertible. You could just drop the top and climb in or out.

  • youdummy

    I don't know what you feed that thing but it shits cars!

  • Matador

    I would totally pay for those cow chairs.

  • Rcjaos

    This is awesome, but you still have to park it in a trailer park.

  • Dave Gal

    I've seen go-karts with better ground clearance.

    • Dave Gal

      I guess Europe has perfectly flat roads and no mountains.

      • Ross Stamm

        i just spent a month in England for work. their roads are fairly smooth but that thing is way to long. you would have a lot of trouble driving through town or even through the roundabouts.

      • John Dumass

        I'm guessing Europeans are smart enough to know about adjustable height air bag suspension system. Dumbass.

  • dpitty

    i was offered one of these once but i had to turn it down, a mini in the asshole of my lower class RV just isnt my style.

  • Terry Burke

    and it gets what 5 mpg?

  • morekare

    You still have to park it in an RV park, preferably a high-end one that costs a few hundred a night. Plus you have to hook up the stinky brown hose to a legal sewer system. Also, the drinking water lines need to be replenished and tested frequently so you don't get sick from drinking stagnant water. Well, I guess I just talked myself out of wasting a few million dollars on this mobile home.

  • Amal Seepage

    Anybody who buys this must immediately shave all their body hair and dress only in silver unitards and blue moon boots. You must also speak Esperanto and only drink blue fluids.

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  • sander

    the white is blinding me

  • The Knowledge.

    There was a similar vehicle on Top Gear a few years back, it had a covertable sportscar which slid out of the side from the space between the wheels.

  • Binary

    Oh god it's so brite. Everyone would be covered in stains within a week, and my eyes would be watering all the time

  • mikethecarpenter

    so all i drive is merc.and this little guy is 3/4 of a mil and nicer than anything i own and i will have one or 2 someday.

  • billthewelder

    Yea definitely to sterile with all of that blinding white.

  • billthewelder

    Damn, looking through their site none of what they do would be considered comfortable as its all straight hard lines with minimal cushioning and minimal flow or fluidity to be found.

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  • steven frijoles

    i need that sick, sick rail light over my bed.

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  • equalizermax

    I'll buy a condo if it looks like that

  • bob

    whoever can afford that thing is probably pissed he has to drive a smart car around.

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  • thomas

    thing"s amazing

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