Brilliant student uses tilt-shift photography to bring Van Gogh to life (16 Photos)

By using a very special lens, Serena Malyon has given Van Gogh's most brilliant works the illusion of being a miniature model. Despite my rugged good looks and 7th grade education, I'm a huge fan of Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist techniques. A tip of the hat to Serena. Something tells me she's going places.

  • mattythegooch

    Not too shabby, especially since I have NO skills!!!

  • DemonSpawn

    Absolutely brilliant!

  • Tyler Mars

    well done

  • your mom

    absolutely amazing!

  • zach

    That is crazy good…wow

  • MarkAssBuster

    one word… SKILLS!

  • loudpurplehair

    I love van Gogh so these were always going to be god in my opinion, my they're so so much better than I expected. beautiful

  • tommybhoy


  • Joeyk

    Looks awesome, but correct me if Im wrong but couldnt the same effect be achieved with some blurring tool on photoshop?

    • DeeY

      Agreed. Not that it isn't a cool idea. But I have a hard time believe this was all done with a camera.

      • Botherington-Smythe

        Obviously sir, you are not familiar with a tilt/shift lens.

        • loophole

          Obviously sir, you aren't either.

          • Sam Canon

            Well, a tilt/shift lens gets an image with different focus layers and so what we see is just a picture with this special kind of "miniature"-look.

            But I am 99% sure that at least ONE of this pictures were blurred with software and not with a lens.

            Pic Number SEVEN (7) has a human figure sharp with the background completely blurred around. NO LENS can do that if you are taking a picture of a painting. For a lens to do that, you need the juman figure in front of the background. So that I think, that this pictures are blurred with software or if one build a "diorama".


            • Dave Grimwade

              Agreed. It's a tilt-shift effect, not tilt-shift photography.

              • Pshopper

                I photoshop for a living. I'd wager these were done using the Lens Blur filter applied in layers (that would be the easiest apparent way to me, but not the only option).

                You would not get this doing actual tilt shift photography a painting is 2 dimensional. There is no physical 'depth' for camera to tilt shift on.

  • mattythegooch

    Starry Night is fucking sick!!

  • stafferty

    Makes me wish I had some talent. I would like to see her use the same effect on her own origional works too. I would like to see a second wind of origional Van Gogh style works

  • Mobiyan Web

    Wow this is just fantastic!

  • Guest

    I highly doubt a Tilt Shift lens would get this result. Specially making the background blurry behind buildings and people. More like a "Tilt Shift" effect done through photoshop.

    • Phil

      Agreed! Maybe one or two could have been purely the camera, but some of them it would be pretty much impossible.

    • Steve

      I agree…Tilt Shift photography…of a 2 dimensional painting, will not give this effect…Tilt Shift photography relies on differing depths to get the narrow DOF…In PS however, you can selectively blur parts of the image, to get the "tilt-shift effect".
      Don't get me wrong…I like these photos! It just wasn't photography that did it.

  • MiPo1977

    Van Gogh does not need to be fucked with

  • Nick

    Makes you wonder if this is how he actually visualized his paintings

  • Marcus

    i'm sorry i have to say it: "shopped". There is no such thing as a magical lens that can make specific selections around objects and then blur around them. Don't get me wrong these are pretty rad, just not done with a special lens. I've got a handle on photoshop and "i see what she did there".

    • John

      how cna you tell. the pixels?

      • Trollin

        He's seen a few in his time

    • Alexander L

      Actually yeah you can. Nikon has a lens that tilts not only in the x & y axis but also in the z, which can give a focal plane (actually more of a focal line) in a diagonal position, which doesn't necessarily have to stretch to the edges of the image, then if used in conjunction with whatever standard lens is on the camera to control overall focus the "spot" focusing can be achieved. Sure these could have been shopped, but trust me with a lot of tinkering it can be done with a couplke of old school lenses. Try it.

      • Pshopper

        That still wouldn't work for the look achieved in #7 or #12, where the figures are sharp and points immediately beside them are blurred. If software wasn't used several shots were taken and meticulously cut and pasted together. Or some extremely skilled dodging and burning done during development. My guess is the Lens Blur in photoshop applied to the images in layers. That would be the easiest and fastest way.

  • Bisketz

    Yupp, shopped using the tilt-shift technique.

  • Alex

    definitely not taken with a tilt shift camera, this is all photoshopped
    unless he has a great collection of van gogh paintings

  • kim

    gonna be the dick and say you can do this with the blur tool and sharpen effect in photoshop

  • Raraavis

    Don't care how it was done. Effect is utterly incredible. Considering all the discourse about VG's physical issues and their effect on his perspective, this is like seeing the world through his eyes. Well done.

  • Jeff

    A special lens, lol. I'm sure it must be called the Gaussian Lens.

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    it's nice to see the classics in a new light, well done.

  • Stan


  • Jacob Marchlinski

    Apparently, it's not photoshop you jackasses. You just have to dis other's talent because you have none of your own, is that right?

    Well done, Serena. Definitely a true artist.

    • Ezra Ekman

      Yes, Jacob; "tilt-shift photography" actually exists. That wasn't the point. The point was that this wasn't the technique (or at least, wasn't the *sole* technique) used to produced these images. To clarify, a tilt-shift lens allows you narrow your depth of field. It does not allow you to selectively blur around 2-dimentional objects, as shown in most of these images. Some of them, yes, could have been produced merely by selective focus. Those who treat some objects or people as objects and blur all the way around them, however, required additional post-processing.

    • meme

      Proof that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

      Tilt shift enhances depth, a painting is totally flat, the illusion of depth can only be added by either the original artist or after using some photoshop skills… (or of course by painting over the original)

      Photoshop as a term should never be used as though no skill has been used, which is what seems to be happening these days…

      Using a lens on a camera would be EASYER than using photoshop, so by saying its photoshopped in this case means theres MORE skill involved and not less!


  • pasha c

    not tilt shif photography, it is done in photo shop jackass. google tilt shift effect photoshop to be dazzeled you dick!

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