Being “in the dog house” isn’t always a bad thing (12 Photos)

  • ikindalikeapples

    spoiled bitches. my dog sleeps on concrete outside

    • Rios

      Hey why don't you shut the fuck up and at least try to build one you asshole.

  • pandora

    I'm a fan of dogs but this is a bit much

  • davey

    see #7, where all the burnt out missing grass is….

    thats the dog's toilet.

    Thats how he pays his rent. He shits on your lawn and makes u walk in mud and step on his crap.

    Dogs should not live better than humans.

  • MC Hammer

    Fuck my life.

  • pufffdragon

    I was just starting to have some kind of faith in the human race.
    Then I saw these..Back to square 1.

  • MiPo1977

    is that an air conditioner in number 6

    • Dave Gal

      Looks like.

      • top dog

        Yep, thats probably why the dog is outside laying on the porch, it's too damn cold in the house.

  • equalizermax

    Looks like another episode of MTV Cribs (Celebrity Pet Edition)

  • Jay

    Does #11 realize the dog is fake?

  • Danny P

    All built by husbands who likely spend a lot of time out there….

  • BigDingo


  • top dog

    I think sometimes humans get a little carried away.

  • Lassie

    #12 – I bet that house is always filled with bitches and catnip

  • Wyatt Derp

    Meanwhile, there are how many homeless or starving people in the world?

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    […] #11 is a tiny dog replica of Mimi’s actual bed – The Chive […]

  • peggy

    All dogs and cats deserve the best. They give us so much. If someone can afford a posh puppy pad…more power to the dogs.

  • Amanda

    oh shutup everyone complaining! I love my pets, they are the light of my life and I would spoil them crazy if I had that sort of money. Since when is it a rich persons responsibility to feed every starving & homeless person? Some do what they can. They entitled to spend their money any way they see fit.

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