British Bombshell Rosie Jones, if you didn’t know her you do now (36 Photos)

British bombshell Rosie Jones frequents the pages and covers of popular British guycentric publications, Page 3, Nuts, Loaded and Front.

  • kaleh kharab

    hot babe

    i fuck her,,:)

  • Cristi Palincas

    Pretty, but a bit too heavy in the bust for my tastes. She's got a lovely face, though. And she gets bonus points for the lack of duckface.

    • Rcjaos

      wow, i guess you'd pass then? (facepalm)

    • John1984

      …not manly enough for you I'm guessing?

      • Rindustry

        What a fag. I'm closing my office door now so I can jack off.

    • everyone

      "but a bit too heavy in the bust for my tastes"……………… Leave, now. This is theChive, your kind are not welcome here.

  • russel

    holy. shit. this chick is amazing. i've never heard of her before.

    right click > save

    thanks 😉

    • Savage

      I've actually never seen her with this many clothes on.

      • MichaelGS

        Congrats have to go to theChive boys for digging out probably the only 36 photos in existance of Rosie that are SFW. Seriously, it must have taken days of searching to find pics of her wearing clothing


  • TonyP

    ChiveFail. It's "british", not "brittish"

    • stafferty

      We took your langauge and will do with it what we please dammit

      • SimonPhoenix

        lmao … that's awesome!

    • Spas

      I think they were going for "briTITish". An understandable typo!

  • Anonymous


  • king

    this guy

  • Trynadad

    Rosie, le sigh.
    She's got a great smile and HUGE…tracks of land.

    • Botherington-Smythe


      But yes. Yes she does.

  • thomas

    don't say i never did nothin' for ya

    • ANON


    • @Russelbutt

      you sir, win the internet for today.

    • Clickawhat

      x 1,000,000 thumbs up if I could.

    • LiaMMV

      I prefer her work with Front magazine.

    • stafferty

      You sir, are a top notch gentleman (trying to keep with the British theme)

  • noroD

    Jesus Christ!

    and I'm Jewish..

  • BigDingo

    brown bagger…

    but holy crap does she have amazing bewbs

    • BaJezzus

      everything you said before you said, "but holy crap does she have amazing bewbs" proves you are an idiot. Thanks for playing.

  • pingpong

    Rosie Jones meet Rosie Palm…..

  • justplaintravis

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous

  • zipples
    • jroy

      way better this way

  • MiPo1977

    Rosie, I salute you!!! Yeah, With my hand too

  • chibi

    a good looking British girl?…..WOW that's new

    • P-90

      Yeah…..apart from the fact that it's not, on any level.

  • spliggs

    I like the ones where she doesn't look like she's 14…

    • pedobear

      i respectfully disagree.

  • theex

    What do owls have to do with it?

  • chrisdg74

    Thank you Rosie.
    Fap,Fap,Fap ——MOM!! DAD!!. Fap,fap,fap. (successful suicide wank)

    • Jen

      nice. lol

  • Darren

    I just…

    . . .
    | /
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    O O

    • top dog

      You should have made the balls bigger, use my two for a model.

  • Username Taken

    MOAR…In an HQ Gallery PLEASE!!!

    • Timothy Parrish

      go to mate.. TONS of photos of her topless… TONS!!!!!

  • P-90


  • wanderingsmartass

    31 Damn crop

    • cheezebits

      Look her up on Google. Her tits are everywhere!!!

  • Guttervillle

    Guess I will have to go back to the bollywood post

  • MiPo1977

    No duckface, orange glow or silicone…Well done Rosie

  • kamonurface


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