Civil War photos are like looking at dinosaurs to me (33 Photos)

These unbelievable Civil War photos and more by Mike Lynaugh.


    If I am correct, the building in #15 is in Manassas Virginia and is still standing today. Neat.


      And it's surrounded by three Starbucks and a strip club

  • man man


  • MarkAssBuster

    Shopped ….

    • Beau Young

      I've seen a lot of pixels in my day….

    • Homesteader


      Are you one of those people that looks on youtube and says everything is fake?

      • MarkAssBuster

        was being a lil sarcastic 😉

  • bonerdalf

    Strange to think how many of these subjects might have died shortly thereafter from a musket ball to the nads or a cannonball to the nads

    • Dude

      that is indeed "strange" to think about them all dying from a shot to the nads, lol

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    3. Place hasn't changed much then.

    • Salporin

      You mean the South?

      • Salporin

        Sorry, bad joke cuz I didn't even bother looking at the picture. I'll go ahead and thumbs down myself.

  • boognish

    Way cool.

  • equalizermax

    Steam Punk Fever!

  • Mortimer

    Did America Win the Civil War?

    • Salporin

      Ja Ja

    • Jeff

      Although I doubt the sincerity of your question, truthfully the answer is both yes and no. Mostly yes because the union was saved and the slaves were freed, but when you consider that Americans killed and maimed other Americans by the hundreds of thousands to the extent that an entire generation was largely wiped out and there was an unestimable amount of damage to property then in a way we really lost too.

    • Jim


  • Beth Vogel

    You should take a few of these and do a "then and now" post of some of the cities that were shown… and maybe some other ones. It would be neat to see what things looked like in their era compared to now.

    • top dog

      Thats a good Idea but, there are some people that wish things were still the same as back then….they might take it the wrong way, who'd care? do it any way.

  • tag

    I like lookin at old photos. A lot has changed. Old landscape portraits are even better, casue photography has been around for less than 200 yrs so those go WAY back.

  • TheVillageIdiot

    Dear Chive: Photo #2 Looks like the Train Round House in Martinsburg, West Virginia (which they've been trying to keep as a museum for years but it's been a struggle). You find it through Google no problem. Photo's 4 and 5 look much like the Mansion in Shepherd, West Virgina which is now a building that belongs to Shepherd University. Your Welcome.

  • MiPo1977

    I have my great grandfather MiPo the Terrible's diaries from the civil war…

  • Qwerty

    YAY! The Merrimack/Monitor And the 54th!! the Only thing i remeber from US history!!

  • top dog

    Shit was all fucked up back then….wasn't it?

  • torabora

    Is that a mosque in #3?

    • Dave

      Smithsonion museum in DC

  • Tony Miteff

    i wonder if #2 has a flux capacitor?

  • jamie

    yes, yes it does !

  • Ken

    If ever there was a gallery screaming for captions, mostly on where these were taken.

  • Silent

    Chive, make sure there's a few pictures of yourselves around in 150 years time and then await the "like looking at dinosaurs" comments 🙂

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