• Sauru

    6,7,18,28 all busted me up. great stuff

  • Grey

    wtf is #20 meant to be ?

  • http://www.hawkeyenation.com/forum/off-topic/17388-let-photoshop-fun-begin-cigar-guy-ryder-cup.html#post245321 Let the PhotoShop fun begin: 'cigar guy' at the Ryder Cup - HawkeyeNation Forum

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  • petwookiee
  • http://www.cigartravelhumidor.org/cigar-latest-cigar-news-listomania-five-cigar-guy-photobomb-album-covers-dallas-music cigar – Latest cigar news – Listomania: Five Cigar Guy Photobomb Album Covers – Dallas Music …

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  • douchekiller

    this guy is every where !!

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