Rare unseen proofs and out-takes from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photoshoot (47 photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Gordon of Hesselink


    • Why Not?

      go to Reddit for that shit

    • king

      you're a fag

    • jaredallas

      First to suck what?

    • Coldzilla


      Something to put on the resume'!

  • kpsurf

    Classic…..and always will be!!!!!

  • jeffzero

    Truly Iconic!

  • Viper

    Might want to put a "NSFW" tag on this one. That said, cool pics here.

    • ronin

      +1 i was a bit surprised myself. Hello there's a nipple.

      • NPS

        haha, HELLO o/

      • northerner

        nice ones, too! She was a beautiful woman…

  • Bizarrobear

    Dozens of wonderful pictures of Marilyn Monroe, and all he has to say is "First, suckas!". Come on man, you are looking at one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot on this earth.

  • blake honda

    TheChive, please post more pictures where you can see the nipples of a girl's breast. My school already banned your site from their server so just do it anyway. Do that and you'll be considered the best site in the whole freaking internet. (even though you already are.)

    • jaredallas

      When I was your age we had to squint at fuzzy channels if we wanted to see nipples!

    • Silver

      Yeah Chive, everyone knows women are just walking masturbation aids.

  • Why Not?

    way better than Lindsey Lohan

    • Coldzilla

      Even as she is TODAY Ms Monroe is better lookin than Lindsey Lohan

  • votemedownohwell

    sorry i just don't see it. 1 picture out of almost 50 was nice. just don't see how you can say an avid drug user, not to mention getting around with the guys, as being classy.

    • Generino

      She wasn't top class up stairs, if you get my drift…

    • everyone

      Yeah, I never really got the appeal. People think of her as some kind of goddess but in reality if she were alive today she'd be up there with Lohan and Hilton along with all the other plastic, dye job cokeheads.

    • youdummy

      Agree. The drugged-up floozy look just doesn't do it for me. She looks totally spaced-out like Anna Nicole Smith. Not to mention the sluttiness and her flabby, google-eyed boobs.

    • Nateb123

      I was always more of a Betty Page fan.

      • everyone

        Now THAT was a woman

    • udon'tknowmebitch


  • swizlestick

    absolutely amazing that's about all you can say about her

  • sooty

    What's the story behind the scar?

    • Bernidene

      she ran into a knife when she was 6

      • Alex

        It really looks like a gall blader surgery performed by a roockie surgeon, if so he must had been ashamed his entire life… otherwise it must had been a nasty knife.

    • Sam

      She had an appendectomy. The technology wasn't like it is today so the scar is obviously going to be large.

      • Joey

        Wrong general location for an appendectomy. Way too high up. The autopsy says "There is a horizontal 3-inch long surgical scar in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. A suprapubic surgical scar measuring 5 inches in length is noted." Some would say she perhaps had a c-section (child of unknown fate?) and tubal ligation. Her fun-bags in the photos do look a little deflated like a "milf" might have.

        • miii

          UMM u stupid?? That miniature scar is for sure NOT leftovers of a c-section, I'm a 21 year old business student and even I can tell that for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

    marilynds out takes are better then lindsay lohands sad attempt you reproduce one of her photo shoots

  • Not impressed


  • Marko

    She was from another era guys. None of this fake lips, breasts, tummy tucks, lipo suction, lip injection shit. She's the real thing and there was more to her then just looks. Like or hate, she was something special in her time. These photos are suppose to be a bit of fun anyway. Nothing serious.

    • Anon

      Special in her time doesn't mean special now

      • Alex

        Come on Anon, there has to be some star that you admire, physically or not, that isn't around in this era. Thank her for being a pioneer for sex in cinema and helping break the hold that censorship had on film at the time so we can watch whatever the F we want now. Not to mention she was the first Playboy centerfold!

    • femtrooper

      No, no fake breasts or tummy tucks, just a nose job, chin "fix", dye job and her teeth were fixed yeah shes totally natural. Not that I'm hating, I think shes pretty. Just saying shes as fake as they are today.

      • northerner

        So a nose job, a chin fix and teeth fix by your standards are "fake"? I'm glad I don't have to live by your standards, femtrooper. Those are so lame by today's standards and common place. Chill. Yes, she was pretty. And met a sad ending, too common or more common in Hollyweird today. Sad, indeed.

    • jojo

      SHe had a nose job in 1946, She also is not a true blond. I'd be willing to bet she had work done on her jaw line as well.

  • stueyd67

    Marilyn was, and always will be, imo, the most beautiful woman to ever have graced this Earth. As Marko said, nothing fake about her at all. She was all woman.

    The scar, btw, is a result of an appendix removal in 1952. She hated it and she actually detested that shoot. Things started out well, but the photographer kept plying her with drink until she shitfaced, hence all the topless and pubic photos

    • Slauterhause

      That's interesting, never knew!

    • Michele

      it wasn't an appendix, it was the gallbladder that was removed…

    • femtrooper

      Ahem, yet again, she did have plastic surgery, and her hair is bleached, I call that fake. Still beautiful, but fake none-the-less.

  • ASShole

    lots of nipple and I am still not impressed? wtf? something wrong with me?

    • https://www.facebook.com/kent.hosterman Kent Hosterman


  • Nick Frost

    What a woman 🙂

  • fzero

    Ah the days before photoshop! Also, is there any law against getting aroused to 50 year old pictures of a woman who's now dead?

    • Bella

      No, they photoshopped them, but differently. They airbrushed the images; if you see the published ones, they look… different.


    Don't get me wrong …I'd do her…
    But….I think she's kinda like the girl in high school that had average looks but for some reason everyone jumped on the bandwagon and thought she was the greatest thing ever.
    There are a ton of girls on here daily that are better looking than her

    • Mike

      Yeah, you forget this is before photoshop. She was gorgeous before airbrushing became the standard.

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        I assume most sexy chiver pics are not photoshopped and I believe our ranks have many woman far more beautiful than this trash.

  • mipo2010

    JFK knew what he was doin…Tiger's an amateur compared to JFK…If your gonna cheat get the hottest POA around

  • edocol

    No wonder DiMaggio killed her.

    • jaredallas

      Sam Giancana killed Marilyn Monroe.DiMaggio just paid him.

  • http://www.tugpeters.blogspot.com tug

    by today's standards she couldn't get a job at a boat and rv show …..does she have a weird Will Ferrel scar on her belly

  • jaredallas

    They just do not make them like they used to. Damn.

  • angies&beauty

    She is beautiful, something that todays woman doesnt have. love these pics. and did not know about the scar. Learn something everyday. I have two tattoos of her on me, her beauty and mine…..thats special.

  • Terry Roll

    Who is this bitch and why is she trying to copy Lindsay Lohan?

    • Dakota

      wtf is this shit

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500938468 Jeff Sayatovic

        Trooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll Patroooooooool

    • Northman

      If this isn't serious, it was funny as shit, lol. If you ARE serious, um.. sad.

    • J.J Clarck


  • obama

    I would say she is not very hot by todays standards……

    • Miss Understood

      Sure but she is a real woman – todays standards with this starving women are just ridiculous (and no – I am not fat I suffer from anorexia – no nice life).

      She may not be the most beautiful woman of her time but I like her very much – about saying she was a drug addict is just ridiculous too cause how many of the actresses/actors and models are not today???

    • Tim

      thats what makes her so gorgeous, she was a very real woman, nothing fake about her looks at all. Judging her looks by todays standards is just wrong and definitely shows that you are a very materialistic fake person who cannot appreciate real NATURAL beauty.

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