Young athletes before they were ever famous (24 Photos)

  • mattythegooch

    Ellen DeGeneres' tennis shorts have dick holes in them.

  • Eg Shan

    Chuck Norris' preferred tackle was a roundhouse kick to the face.

  • Kyle

    Who is #10?

    • Ehh

      #10 is that chick from harry potter, I think

      • googboog

        well then that's after she was famous.

    • kait

      Emma Watson

  • DrJTrotter

    Two Questions:
    Why does Chuck Norris need a helmet?
    Why is Mathew McConaughey wearing a shirt?

    • PTesla

      That is not his helmet, its a head he decapitated and kept it in the helmet. Chuck is not crude you know.

  • Moose

    Who's number 1? Chuck Norris, that's who.

    • JSeries

      Damn Straight!

    • HLK

      The other players would immediately explode if he didn't have it on.

    • Moose

      I'm amazed he hasn't moved up to #1 on this list, yet.

  • stafferty

    Jamie Foxx went a bit heavyon the Soul Glo

  • ale

    Can´t stand Brad Pitt with that awful haircut… damn it!!!

  • Coldzilla

    Avril ROCKS!

    Well SHE does, not her music 😉

  • edocol

    McConaughey had a bit of the Phil Mickelson look going.

  • Furthy

    Secrest played football? SERIOUSLY?!?!?! that blows my mind

    • Lukas

      The best part are his massive shoulder pads.. He was even a pansy while playing the manliest of sports

  • Jonathan

    Who is #7?

    • zym

      Future Pudding Pop huckster, bad sweater wearer and black people yeller-atter, Bill "The Cos" Cosby.

  • Joe

    #7= bill cosby ???

    • Jonathan

      I guess I could see that. I kind of thought he looks like Scottie Pippen.

      • Philly13

        Cosby played football for Temple University

  • Hez26

    Holy shit Willie Nelson….nice equipment you fossil. love ya tho – rock on.

  • HANK

    6? Is that the Italian Stallion?

    • Lyn


  • hahcrazy

    Ryan 'Rudy' Seacrest

  • chuck

    Just to point something out. Chuck Norris' football jersey number was number 1. Which makes him first.

  • FartFace

    Chuck Norris, #1… of course, he was a kicker. His school bought more balls while he was the kicker than any other time in history.

  • kallie

    whos number eight?

    • Ammy Pearson

      Tom Cruise, I think.

  • mipo2010

    I always figured Seacrest for a catcher

  • P-90

    A lesbian tennis player?, never saw that coming.

  • Betty Nuggs

    Tommy Lee Jones looks like a BAMF in that photo

  • Why Not?

    damn i bet Emma tastes like candy!

  • vince

    Secrest and Willie Nelson. Wow. Next you'll be telling me Susie Kolber played football. 😉

  • Dude81

    8 is Tom Cruise.

    That face is a giveaway.

  • Danny

    Ed Asner and Chuck Norris for the win

    Total badassery…………

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