Handmade Fallout 3 Plasma Rifle is ridiculous on so many levels (33 pics)

These photos And more can be found HERE.

  • Coldzilla

    ** walks away singing the Styx song "Too much time on my hands" **

  • Chive Fake Approved

    I can do that.

  • NPS

    Haha! Must love people that have terrible grammar!

  • Cookie

    I'm guessing this guy doesn't have that much time on his hands. He's obviously a professional, and this is a great addition to the portfolio.

    Not that it matters though cuz this thing is a big pile of WIN.

  • rob


  • aersixb9

    It's a nice piece of art or a statue as a home decoration or even fancy costume prop, however I think it would be much cooler if someone modded an AK-47 into one of these or otherwise had a working replica that at least fired bullets, or possibly some sort of flammable liquid that resembles the game's gun more accurately.

  • polly

    Look up the blue laser bic lighter and shoot an actual laser out of it that will catch stuf on fire. Only problem it the light is green so you may need a green diod instead.

  • Drew

    believe it or not its possible to get laid and be a nerd at heart. those who can do both are truly awesome. props to this guy, both rifles are FLAWLESS. haters gonna hate, srsly…

  • Slomotje

    beyond awesome

  • Crashmedic

    If it only worked. Nice though.

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