Proper Ownage (14 GIFs)

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  • jake

    that squirrel had it comin'

    • V4Vendetta14

      The squirrel eating the nuts should have known her boyfriend was the jealous type. That stuffed squirrel should have kept his nuts to himself…

    • vince

      Not cool…you don't ever mess with another squirrel's nuts…

  • Popupfan

    AmericanActionNetwork popup can suck balls.

    • saltygary

      Big fuckin balls. Since yesterday it keeps jumping up all over the place.

      • Joe

        Big nasty hog balls. Kiss my ass AAN!

    • V4Vendetta14

      Firefox with Adblock and Noscript add-ons eliminate all that junk from your browser sessions.

    • Randy

      it's called "adblock plus". now shut up.

  • frrrrrunkis

    14 is great

    • saltygary

      Yea I want to see the full video of that to see how the class and teacher reacted. fucking knucklehead.

    • Broadbem

      LMFAO… Love it!!!

    • Dave

      Best part is that he got the wrong guy

    • P-90

      I hate the way muppets like him take their shirts off at even the slightest provocation, it's one of the signs of ultimate douchebaggery.

      • SreyaNotfilc

        Oh so this is an ongoing problem? I've never heard of this happening before. Must be a high school thing. Hmm…

    • avoidz


  • Big Los

    That Russian just did what all of Russia was thinking…

    • Phil

      The best part is his teammate's expression

  • chrisdg74

    5 – Want to touch the heiney.

    • its_forge

      I think that's a member of the establishment's uh, staff telling her she can't expose her bottom in their place of business. I think.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Considering the guy has a orange "drinking" band around his wrist, I think it is likely her boyfriend. He was probably thinking his girlfriend would wind up on the The Chive acting slutty. Oh, and she definitely cheats on him!!!

        • its_forge

          Yes, you are correct, but now it's my turn to do the "if you noticed his wrist" thing.

          • V4Vendetta14

            Ha ha, you caught me!!! Apparently I must like the cock……

            • its_forge

              Nonetheless, that is a very cute young lady and she has a bottom that was hand-crafted by God Himself, and either one of us would treat her better than that wiener does, and she should know that. Let's call her and tell her.

              • Jason

                Wow, I bet you get laid NEVER!

                • its_forge

                  *I* have a hot curvy Venezuelan-American wife and I have no complaints whatsoever. Are you implying you have to be a shithead to get girls to have sex with you? 'Cuz that'd be wrong.

  • Steven Vargas

    I still wonder why he take his shirt off??????

    • Curtis Mulry

      I've seen people do that irl, they believe it makes them look tough when in reality it just makes them a douche.

      • coocoocuchoo

        ha moustache…

      • jimmy

        if you've ever been in a fight you would understand why he took his shirt off

    • Ballzonya

      So if the punch turns into a fight the other guy cant lift the back of his shirt over his head.

      • HellHath NoFury

        He could just, you know, pull that dude's Calvin pants down.

    • Scott

      because in a fight you dont want your opponent to be able to use your shirt as a handhold to control your body, or to strangle you with it.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        Because if you want to strangle, you would use a shirt, not the hands. I get that.

        • top dog

          NO NO NO, he wanted to flex, yeah…thats it!

          • dollartreeshoplifter

            its so he dosn't get blood on his white tee

            • Big_Hairy_Si

              Just kick the douche nozzle in the yam-bag while he's stripping off. Scott – most t-shirts would just rip if you tried to strangle the wearer with it. Those Vietnamese children just can't make a decent garment these days.

  • stafferty

    I need a pigeon suit

    • FLHomesteader

      That would be…. awesome! Then you could go around shitting on freshly washed cars!!!

    • P-90

      From 'Trigger Happy TV' I think.

    • Randy

      Looks like Trigger Happy TV. They had lots of funny sketches like that, my favorite is a guy in a turtle slowly crawling across a busy intersection, then another guy in a rabbit/hare suit sprints past.

  • nathan

    Fuck that dude in 5 that made her stop… fuck him right in the ear!

    • SweetAwesomeness

      personally i think he was attempting to give her the shocker…

  • Dave23

    Who's the girl in 5? Random or celebrity?

    • Woot

      random afaik. there's another version out there with a blonde chick teasing with boobs instead.

      • Doug

        where's that gif post?

    • P-90

      Whoever she is she's sexy.

  • keithp420

    #15, see ya bitch!

  • nojunk

    #11 "NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!"

  • Kjell King

    #11 was awesome. And the chick from the Amazing Race taking the melon in the face never gets old.

  • Catence

    Because you can't truly hit someone unless you take your shirt off first.

    • Bdrizzle

      So if he was going to go all WWF on his ass would he have to take his pants off first?

    • thetech2

      in russia that is

  • js in pc

    i never get sick of seeing a watermelon explode on some girls face at mach 1.

  • rawnoyz

    #10 had me crackin up!!!! the poor kid was struggling for his life! its just as bad as the blindfold nose to asshole ownage..

    • vince

      I'm glad I've got my own office, I laughed so loud!

  • its_forge

    2) That clown is climbing a WINDMILL and forgot to look to see if he was about to be hit by the WINDMILL part of the WINDMILL?

    7) Everbody else is hearing KEEE-YAAHH!!! when they watch that, right?

    11) "So… I take it none of you support my assertions?"

    15) I'm thinking that douche didn't realize the girl wasn't tethered.

    • name here

      Check her ankles.
      Bungee jumping.

  • chrisdg74

    Could stare at #5 all day.

  • equalizermax

    #5 – That Guy is probably Gay… Killjoy!…

  • aosux

    If the guy in the last one is trying to get laid he is going about it the wrong way.

  • Rob

    That little kid in #3 needs a big brother to kick that tuba player's ass.

    • Its-a me, Mario

      why? Kid had it coming. He's only going to do it once. You dont go to a show (a tuba show, but even so a show) to ruin it. What would Shaq do if you would run up on the court and act all funny……he would own you, thats what. That tuba player is my hero.

      • HellHath NoFury

        Kids don't know protocol. The parents, however, should have been kicked.

        • Its-a me, Mario

          Yes, ofcourse there is a chain of command. That guy is just making it stop. you cant have a conversation with the kid with a tuba on you back 🙂

          Sure the parents need to be kicked, but the tuba player just stopped it in its tracks. No big deal. and I am sure if the kid would have had many injuries we would have had a gif showing the blood pooling around his head. Its the internet.

  • gunnersaurus

    gunnersaurus likes this

  • CPT. derp

    4- DENIED!!!!

  • Eggy

    Man, #11 is awesome, but what did he do? Did he insult the mother of a quintuplet?

    • Henry Gibson

      He looked like Justin Bieber. That's all that's required.

  • nick

    if the dickhead in 5 hadn't gotten all touchy feely, she mighta finished the show

  • DaddyD

    I started chuckling with #10, laughed out loud at #11, and then had tears streaming down my cheeks when I saw the end of #12.

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