Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • shortman


    • Michał Smyła

      You mean, turd?

    • the sakra

      you be dumb…leave

  • Martin


  • UR_Kryptonite

    It's been a great week

    • DaddyD

      True. But I'm not sure that these pix are really "the best."

  • pufffdragon

    I'd say that chicks ass in #16 probably is fat. She cropped most of it out of the picture.

    • its_forge

      More likely The Chive did, they have an extremely annoying habit of cropping the most interesting part of women's bottoms out of the pictures.

  • shortman

    Hi Amber and Nasir!

  • jake

    #16, yes your fat ass is fat. It's so fat that they couldn't even fit it into the frame, and had to crop it.

  • Kent


  • Dirtball

    #15 I hate that guy too

    • Semper

      Who is he?

  • blake honda

    izismile is a great website. imo, it has a more pictures to offer and trust me, thechive and izismile uploads the same content but base on experience with both websites, izismile uploads their stuff more faster than thechive but for some odd reason, i visit thechive more often. maybe it's because izismile uploads too much pictures for me to look at or maybe because they don't have hot chicks always being posted at it's version of daily randomness. either way, thechive, you have to step your game if izismile is doing this.

    • clickawhat

      Too long, didn't read, thumbed down.

    • McFall

      Do you get punched in the face alot Blake? I am betting you do…

    • FunkMaster

      "More faster"? "uploads too much pictures"? "but base'? Here you go buddy, here is some proper grammar.
      "Izismile uploads their stuff faster", and "Izismile uploads too many pictures for me to look at." Finally, "but based."

      • TheGrammarGestapo

        I bet Izismile doesn't have grammar Nazis of that quality

    • Beau

      According to their update on the 21st, they only had 6 submissions, one of which was from a dude. Yeah, I don't think the chive has anything to worry about.

      • coocoocuchoo

        thats extremely nerdy that you casualy know that information….

        • Beau

          It was on their front page. To each their own, I guess.

    • Christian


  • Norbs

    #45 You gotta park right between them.

  • Kristof

    Cant beat #1, flying black guy. WIN!

  • Kinger

    #22, I used to see her at high school football games. Definitely way more sexy than she was back then (even though she was still quite sexy)…

    #45, get those bumper stickers that says "I park like a fucking moron!"

  • MikeofLA

    Number 15… my girlfriend and I have hated this guy since we saw his first commercial. Most of the commercials are him talking over a cute "Statefarm Agent" that's trying to tell me why to switch to state farm. Why do you need this guy? Cut him out, and just have the cute agent tell us to switch. He just reeks of douchedom. He reminds me of a douchier Luke Wilson… Also, 16, no, but I can take and crop photos to make my ass look good too. A picture says 1000 words but conceals millions.

  • Daniel

    HA! awesome #5 is a bridge here in Costa Rica, it works by distributing the weight equally troughout the bridge and being awesome.

    • bob

      Underslung truss bridge. Instead of being above the road deck (IE: a "through truss" because you drive -through- it) it is below the deck.

  • johndory

    i lol'd so hard at buffalo bill in #34

  • Alex

    16: yep you attention whore

  • Phondo

    I am better looking than any of them.

    • no.

      you're not.

  • Djos24

    Awesome week,
    My keyboard is asking…
    Who is #12 and #31 !?

    • Brain Police

      12 is the incredibly busty Denise Milani. She actually got her own post early this month. Check it out.

      I want to know who 31 is as well.

    • bob

      12 is our recurring favorite: denise milani

      31….I demand answers too

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the bridge on #5

  • blah

    I don’t get the bridge on #5.

  • Beau

    #39 LMAO, it's too bad you didn't patent the SCAU. Oh well. Hey! Maybe they'll put up the photos that you guys always reject! 😛

  • Beau

    Also on #39, did you see their update from the 21st of October? LMAO

    Dear Citizens of IziSmile!

    We are saddened by the lack of submissions we have gotten so far!!! We are getting submissions which do not fit into our category of beautiful IziSmile residents. We are calling out to our beautiful IziSmile ladies to submit photos, not the handsome Izismilers that are guys. Guys you can submit photos of your girlfriends, wives, or anyone as well! Just not your handsome faces and bi-ceps! You can read the full rules HERE.

    We need twenty five great photos for our new column and to date we have only six, one of which is a man.

    Don’t let us down, tomorrow evening is the deadline and if we do not reach the 25 photos we need we will have to push it off again till the next week.

    Submit now! All our visitors are waiting with baited breath to see your gorgeous photos. We also want to show the world that we have the greatest surfers on the planet.

    Send all your photos to or post directly on the site yourself.

    P.S. We are already beginning to accept photos of our beautiful girls in Halloween costumes. Don’t waste time get yours submitted today! Send us your pictures. A new selection will be published on the site on October 31.

    • L. Ron Hustle

      jesus u need a life….

      • Beau

        Really dude? I copied & pasted it.

  • trans am

    #10 in that super tight dress is awesome.

  • Beau

    #30 reminds me of happy times.

  • Kawz

    If Jenn Sterger asked me to kill someone, my only response would be: "blowjob."

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