Sexy celebs in their prime. Dare I? (31 Photos)

  • Bob

    Shakira is still in her prime, as is Jessica Biel and many more.

  • Rick

    Could #26 be Zooey

  • whelm

    And I thought the reported world silicone shortage was due to industrial ingestion…

  • equalizermax

    #26 – Katy Perry?

  • amandiola

    mmm #23, Christina Ricci, had a girl crush on her since Now and Then came out. So sexual.

    • Htownpunk

      Still looks great too. Check out the movie After.Life; she's naked damn near through the whole thing.

  • dkbales

    I almost feel bad for obsessing on # 12… Almost…

    • Big_Hairy_Si

      You're spot on – it's so wrong and yet so very, very right

  • P-90

    #5, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 are all on my perv list.

    • P-90

      Oh so are are #19 and 22.

  • Manddy Smith

    #27 wow now that takes some body to pull off!

  • mipo2010

    I find that as I get older so does the "Prime" age!! Then again I do like em a bit older then myself

  • bubba louie

    #2 is not sexy at all – she's too skinny!!!

  • Brian James

    who is #3 do want

  • Stan

    #12 is the hottest thing I've seen all day.

  • BloodScrubber

    Ahhh the past. It always taste sweeter in memory than it did at that moment in time it happened.
    Now quit thinking about your prom night and get back to work!

  • Giggity

    Who is 18, 19 and 27?

    • PRT

      27 is Kelly Brook

  • Why Not?

    24 is the best, although i don't like mad men

  • nelson

    #29, i"ll nibble on them for hours!!

  • jkkghljh

    i have to keep my mouse to the side of pics cause of that stupid drag to share crap . some one do sumthing

  • Skedaddle

    that shot of Jeri would be awesome…if she were naked B)

  • Alex

    #22 Jennifer Beil…OMG

    • Billy Jo Bob

      Jessica Biel 🙂

  • tomasher

    #29 Anne!

  • Kamps414

    #27 WHo is this? Cuz she is HOOOOOOT!

    • David

      Kelly Brook

  • Motis

    Who is #19 totally Hot? MOAR

    • MrSkin

      krista allen – softcore porn

  • Hoenheim

    what u talk about..most of this celebs are still hot…


    .. can't.. decide..

  • Kampizi

    I LOVE that megan fox is in this… .#18 Because yes, she is way past her prime…. OPTIMUS PRIME!

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