• http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    Damnit, why couldn't I be second?

    • MigraineBoy

      Because you suck.

  • 123Roasthim

    pretty sure the second to last guy died from that. Then again, if he was stupid enough to KEEP SMASHING INTO THE OBVIOUSLY CLOSED ELEVATOR DOOR he was probably too stupid to contribute anything to society.

    • guest

      Yeah… I wonder where he thought he'd be able to go once he got through.

    • schnit123

      Unless he was on the bottom floor, which doesn't make him less stupid, only less dead (but hey, that just means he'll live to kill himself in some stupid way another day – let's see what happens in fail compilation 2011)

      • DannyTheChampian

        this was in the peper in england and he was angry because someone shut the door on him as he was coming and he got angry and started ramming the door, it was at a shopping mall in china, and he actually died…. so to me a bit bad to be on here 😀

        • Danny The CHAMPION

          i didnt even check my spelling 😀 sorry

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    U probably want to add to the fail list every single "first" comment posted here

  • Speedy

    thats awesome!

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    […] this, btw. Ed has been absent lately so I need to spam the thread with youtube links in his stead: 2010 fail compilation video theCHIVE (yes I realize it's not actually youtube =P ) FeiLongSlayerBangLarsF-Ryougi Fighting games… […]

  • Matt

    brett favre getting nailed in the nuts should have been #1 lol

    • Dude

      Was that real? Ill have to show that to my wife cuz she hates Brett Favre. I guess he won't be sending pictures of his little Brett to the ladies anymore.

  • BigDingo

    not quite the darwin awards… shucks

    • bigox

      well the elevator scooter guy did die. so sorta.

  • Spiderpig615

    FAIL!!..only available in planet Earth.

  • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

    Most of these people are pretty young, which makes me wonder how the next generation is going to turn out once it's time for them to enter the workforce.

  • Coldzilla

    So a car accident on a rainy road is a "fail"?


    Some pretty good stuff in there otherwise!

    • drinkinguy

      he appears to be fleeing the cops (dashcam) and caused the accident because he FAILED to stop and pull over.
      i.e. a fail

      • Coldzilla

        totally wrong use of the internet vernacular

        nice try Relic 😉

        • drinkinguy

          RELIC RULES

          he's still trying to run from the cops and he didn't get away.
          so what would you call that? win?

          • Coldzilla

            no but again its not the TRUE use of the "internet vernacular" of FAIL 😉

            Saw Relic on an old Episode of The Outer Limits a few weeks back – was so strange seeing him in a shirt and bow tie LOL

  • david

    aaaaaah, the stupidity of mankind, always fun to watch.

  • poopscoop

    the harder they are, the stupider they'll fall.

    • Caca

      He sure isn't falling for that again…

  • alysinwunderland

    make it stop!!!!

  • dpitty

    sigh. what would we do without stupid people? well.. i suppose the chive would be a quiet place.

  • drinkinguy

    note to self.
    don't hang upside down over concrete.
    don't try to jump over things while intoxicated.
    don't use anything with wheels on stairs.
    don't smash down elevator doors.
    don't appear in this video next year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    notice its mostly guys doing the stupid shit… lol

    • mitsuomi

      yea but you should check out the worlds worse drivers all women 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/Austin.Paine.13 Austin Paine

    3:40 happened to me when i was a kid!!!!!! only i was the kid in orange…..

  • hossmank

    Most of these people need to be castrated.

  • flenin

    "im alright but it hurt like crap"
    comedy gold

  • osborl12

    Despite the fact that the kid at 0:46 will have future (possibly even current) lower back problems, I don't think the Chive will put him on a FLBP post.

  • Robert

    The guy on the electric scooter is actually a Darwin award winner. He died from the fall. That was a security camera shot in over seas.

  • jimbo

    This post earns The Chive a spot in the Douchebaggery thread. What kinda of sick fuck finds entertainment in videos of people dying?

    • yo momma

      lol people dying is hilarious

  • tag

    major javelin fail at 544

  • Nick

    you forgot this one!!

  • confused

    it's funny because the last guy died.

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