Stop making your bed in the morning, just zip it up (7 Photos)

You can also reverse the colors if you like. So is this thing a bit too weird, or just awesome?

  • Steve


    • Dave

      Really? WTF? soooo tired of the stupid "first" thing!!! just F'N STOP !!!!

      • HANK

        Y do you even care you have nothing better to do other than bitch about firsties why dont you jus FUCKIN STOP

      • First

        Really? WTF, sooo tired of the stupid "Really? WTF? soooo tired of the stupid "first" thing!!!" just F'N STOP !!!!

  • randomdreamr

    Two lower back problem posts in one day, and now we have a post about zip-up bed. I like where this is going.

  • chrisdg74

    Awesome. Must take one of the ladies from either bewb post today and leave some "love stains" on that thing.

    • Uhah

      Dude, most of your comments are retarded. Cease and desist!

      • God

        I suggest you cease and desist breathing. That is all.

        • Juliet

          Silly god, you're not real 🙂

    • Dakota

      girls don't like love stains, icky

      • dece

        then girls shouldn't make them?

  • mtr39

    is it inflatable? it kinda looks like it…

  • Avante

    Make it a waterbed + one of the bewb girls and we have Gold

  • HardCore Mike

    The coolest site for latest and greatest 'stuff' is If I win the lotto, I know where I will get my shopping advice!

  • Brandon Reinhart
    • Coldzilla

      THANKS!! 🙂

  • Crystal

    Does no-one else think that the bed is pretty hideous?

  • mattythegooch

    Isn't that technically still "making" your bed? It's a sleeping bad for IKEA shoppers.

  • Affe

    A new bed to guarantee the longevity of those bed bug eggs.

  • P-90

    Zip it, zip it good.

  • Brah

    The zipper would be pretty annoying to sleep with. Other than that, awesome.

  • Joeyk

    Make me a bed that can seal in my morning farts..terrific, terrific

    • HiYa

      Taking the Dutch Oven to a whole new level.

  • Miss T

    I still wouldn't make my bed in the morning, zip or not… eish, the laziness…

    • CalculatedRisk

      And eish, the South Africanness 🙂

  • the MAN

    why make your bed in the morning if youre gona sleep in it later?

    • Caleb

      Lol, why whipe ur ass knowing that u gna shit again

  • equalizermax

    I want one for my apartment!

  • mipo2010

    You could Dutch oven the shit outta someone with one of these

    And I have a new pick up line…"Wanna see my zip up bed"

  • top dog

    FUKING AWESOME!! where can buy one? This is like a big ass sleeping bag.

  • The Quituation

    Zip bed by Florida furniture… Friggin' Italians.

  • Lia

    If I were the sort of person who cared about making beds, I’d say it was pretty awesome. But if I were inclined to actually hide my lack of bed making skill, I’d opt for a murphy bed 🙂

  • skylarrr

    so damn awesome.

  • Sugar

    Imagine never kicking off the covers again. Or having them stolen from you. And how warm would that be in the winter. I so want one!

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