There’s cute, and then there’s baby panda cute (27 Photos)

  • gator

    #6 made me awwwwww, damn panda's and your cuteness

  • clay

    these are pretty damn cute, but #15 is just plain freaky!

  • gophernut

    # 18 made my day already!

  • stefanhartman

    13 – awww…
    14 – awww…
    15 – EWWWWW!!!!
    16 – awww…
    17- awww…

    • ERN23

      Just want to know if #15 survived…

      # 18 – looks like someone wants to play Pattycake!

  • BigDingo


  • My_Rushmore

    I really need a Panda in my life. I don't care that it could rip my face off, it would be the most awesome cuddle of death.

  • Professor Jive

    They look so tasty…

  • dubya

    #18….Whoa, back the fuck up chief.

  • Semper

    These pandas would be even cuter if I was high. California voters suck!!!!

    • mtr39

      it's cheaper to get from a dealer, no tax…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    17 = Wow!

  • Lau

    Troublemaker panda iz making ze trouble but is denying everything.

  • equalizermax

    I want one for Christmas!

  • Shane

    #11 looks shopped. Might be because the Chinese government wants people to think they have dozens of healthy baby pandas in captivity.

    • Coldzilla


      Time to put the tin foil hat away, if only for a moment

  • Anonymous

    leading cause of death: cuteness…. ex… pic #1… “i know bitch, I’m cute, but i’m fuckin’ fallin’ here…. put down the damn camera and and HELP ME!”

  • Split Testing Tool

    I wish i could keep one of these little forever. They are so small and harmless!

  • Skeeter

    Hey Panda, we don't take kindly to your types around here!

  • commentAmany

    Think how many bitches you could get with one at the park!

    • NeanderthalsExist

      Think how many bastards you could rip to shreds with one at the park!

  • Coldzilla

    Im glad Im not diabetic

  • sanji

    makes me think to have a pet panda instead..

  • edocol

    nothing like a little baby panda stew to cure the hungries.

  • Khaki Mallard

    #18 is like, "I'm just sayin'!"

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  • bob

    h8 4 all u dat want 2 eat da cutey wutey pandy wandys

    • Kristi

      What the fuck did you say?

  • meow

    never say no to panda

  • zeli

    nay mn obi4am pandit

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