You asked for more Gabriella Grecco. Wish granted (35 Photos)

Yesterday, my brother Leo posted a gallery titled 'Sexy As Heeelllllll'. If you haven't had the pleasure, click here. After it was posted, we received nearly 100 emails asked for 'MOAR #5'. One of our most ruggedly handsome Chivers, Charles Abbott, came through with a name and a number of photos you see here.
Which brings me to the point. If you take the initiative to send us a bunch of photos of hot chicks via out handy-dandy upload page, chances are much greater that we'll do it. Despite rumors of interns, I still field all of the emails you guys send. So keep the suggestions coming but don't be shy, send us the goods!

Chive on and Happy Friday,

ps - 'Sexy Chivers' goes live in 2 hours. This week I'm pretty sure we're going to break the internet in half.

  • IluvbeingFIRST

    First mother fuckers

    • jason

      Don't do that

    • chrisdg74

      Your lady told me you always get off first. She said you're not satisfying her.

    • trollin'

      You are a loser in the big game of life……..fucktard!

      • Idon'tluvcankles

        You are all jealous because I had the skill and determination to be FIRST on this post. I fucking love how so many people get SO pissed off by this. Thank all of you fucktards (trollin') for making my day! BAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

        • Danny P

          It must really suck to have your life (or lack there of).

          • Idon'tluvcankles

            Actually I have a very nice life I think. Married to a great woman, we recently had our first child. I have a good job, great family and friends. I just happen to be killing a little time at work on a Friday afternoon and enjoy fucking with people who are so uptight about stupid shit like this :p

            • DaddyD

              And how do you know the kid is yours?

        • trollin'

          i love the chance to use the term "fucktard"

  • daniel

    I've seen that last photo all over the internets, it's nice to put a face with the boobs

    • TIMMAY!

      Especially with the beautiful face she has.

    • jace

      it'd be even nicer to put my face ON her boobs.

  • joshdyk87

    Oh how much I hate whoever cropped #34

  • Nec

    Could I have her Email-Adress? I want to ask her if she would marry me…

  • yahoo!

    jeeeeeeeeeeesus christ. wow. that right there is a grade a woman.

  • mipo2010

    Bring on the f*ckin Sexy Chivers dammitt

  • The Dude

    Hey epic camel toe post would be fun

    • UrbanOasis

      Agreed. We need a camel toe post Chive. Please!

  • hossmank

    Love those boobs, wish I could see those nips!!!

    • tag

      Pic 26 got that from the side.

      This is a really good set.

  • Skedaddle

    Hot. As. Balls.


      uhhh…might wana think about what you just said.

  • leeroyjenkins

    good looking girl, not too skinny just right. very hot.

  • Brad

    she looks Brazilian…

  • Danny P

    Definition of sexy

  • endlesssummerkid

    I want to eat 28

  • rawnoyz

    can i getta AMEN?

    • RGH

      AMEN!!! AMEN reverend!

  • Direk

    Im not religious or anything but this bitch just made me see God

  • Terry Burke

    is that nipple in #26?

    • thatwasntthequestion

      May be…but it looks a little too high. Nice piece of work.

      • Dirk Dickla

        If thats a nipple her tits are offset… matter, I'll still lick em and play with em all nite.

    • TASD

      Nah, she has a red bow on that side of her bra.

  • equalizermax

    She's not that Hot, but I'll still hit her…


      This must be the type of dude that thinks The Snookie is hot.
      Or….well, thinks dudes are hot

  • f.a.p.

    cuz when i fap the fap
    i fap the fap… right

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Wow, just wow

  • Cake is a Lie

    She looks like she has a little Uma Thurman (when she was hot) in her, and about 9" of me.

    • DaddyD

      So you did her twice?

      • top dog

        He had to do her three times to get 9"

  • japtrap

    50 bucks, she takes it up the ass, dirty slut 🙂

    • B-Jammin

      u say that like it's a bad thing!

  • nickelpl8ed

    Thumb me down if you want, but her tit gap is too wide.

    • meh

      what are you the tit gap police?

      • nickelpl8ed

        Nah, just giving my opinion.


      Those are what we call Real tits. Maybe you have never seen them?
      See, they actually move out of place when the bra comes off.
      Apparently you like tits that dont move whatsoever…like a barbie doll. What fun is that

      • nickelpl8ed

        I wasn't aware that the tits being real or fake determined the size of the gap between them, which is what I commented on, but that's just me. And I would think, that if that did determine the gap, that fake, silicone filled, heavy tits would created a wider one.

      • Missy

        Uumm.. Pretty sure they are fake.
        Some of her earlier photos do not show her as being so blessed.
        Unless she was a very late bloomer.
        Also, photo 6 is a pretty clear indication.

        Very hot either way though. Love the hips.

    • The Dude

      But my face would fit perfectly in there

  • guest 1 "the girl" has tons of these galleries. thank god i met a chick from colombia once who turned me on to that site. 2nd best site in the world after the chive.

  • Manddy Smith

    Gabriella looks so sexy
    I was going through expecing to find pics i didnt like but i love them all
    The color ones more than the b/w ones
    6, 11 or 29 i cant deside

  • HTL

    Dam that girl knows how to tease!!!!!

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