Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (22 Photos)

Today's randomness is a bit thin. I'm in New Orleans hammered at 10am. I think I just saw Sarah Palin naked, riding a donkey on Bourbon Street. I'm pretty sure my analysis is correct.

  • Jody Breeze

    17 Why? Why????? I'd rather see naked Palin on that donkey.

    • R. Wiggum

      does it remind you how ugly you are.

    • equalizermax

      This is the only way to find out that they are all really girls…

  • drea

    she is a better ninja turtle, totally

    • Yourfreakindaddy

      Not really! More skin to get my vote!

      • Northman

        Agreed. Skin to win.

    • Steve Lee

      totally a cute ginger

    • Ken

      tits or gtfo

    • cpt

      great legs, but no tits, i give the chicks from the other day a +1

    • bigox

      clearly she is not a better ninja turtle, is she supposed to be Michelangelo or Donatello? We cant know because she was stupid and mixed both colors.

    • Douglas

      Hell yeah! More Gingers please

  • Cog

    Ginger Ninja Turtle is like the hot offspring of Donnatello and April O'Niel. My life is now complete!

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    First – not

  • Caca

    I Love Lamp

    …..and the Chive Afternoon Randomness!!

  • Scott

    Thumbs up for 10+ naked ladies at once!

    • Poot

      You can't be sure that they're ALL ladies

  • George Washington

    Still First?

    • Christopher Columbus

      Not even close

      • True Story Bro

        Not even Christopher Columbus

  • Corey

    yay for randomness!

  • OsO

    HPOA looks like Jimmy Kimmel and Jessica Alba's illegitimate love child.

  • Emik

    #17, fucking gross.

    Please stop making us believe female athletes are attractive. They're not. At all.

    • truthiness

      I pity you. Whether you want it, deserve it or not.

    • captain obvious

      whatever dude….if one them was offering you would hit it. Guarenteed!!

      • admiralevident

        I was just thinking the same thing


      Plus, if those chicks were turned around and showed their epic volleyball asses…we would all be saying we WANT!

      • Long Duck Dong

        Water polo players not volleyball players – you fail

        • IRIEWAY

          No sir…fail is upon you! Are their asses any less scrumptious because they are swimming? No

    • Emik

      Fucking woof.

      Given a paradigm of attractive women, female athletes are scraping the bottom of that barrel.

      But, no, guys, you're right. If a 6'2", 190 pound female approached me with an offer for sex, I would totally have to say yes.

      Oh, wait.

      • Speedy

        which is why your going to be a virgin for thw rest of your life..

      • admiralevident

        Continuing to write such things just exposes that you've never actually slept with a real woman. Just stop, really.

        When you are standing in a hole and digging, there comes a point at which one should realize they should stop digging.

    • Wilson McManus

      You scared of muscle? You a bit hunh? Yeah, you wouldn't know what to do with a woman who's got some ass on her. How sad.

    • anthony

      Are you just bitter because you feel emasculated?

  • i eat turds and whey

    17 do want

    • Long Duck Dong

      I think you meant to say "to barf" at the end of that comment

      • IRIEWAY

        I agree, they not lookin too hot. But riddle me this…
        If they had all turned around and showed them terrific sand sculpted asses…would you not be saying I do want???
        You know damn well volleyball players have ridiculous behinds

        • Long Duck Dong

          Volleyball players yes. They are some very hot volley ball players…but these are water polo players (refer to picture, right side below the knee). So……..good day to you

      • its_forge

        LOL you idiots and your ridiculous standards. Go away and come back after you've had sex once or twice.

  • Crabster

    #4 Also having no Bud or PBR on the table is enough to tell…

    • Hobo

      I cant believe Im defending the europeans… Ive seen this demonstrated on discovery, and it is not dangerous. I assume these men were well aware of the fact before they attempted this.

      • sock_puppet

        That's not the point. It's always some idiot euro-loser who posts a pic that trash talks America as fat or stupid and it usually backfires. You don't see a "fat American" caption whenever you see one of those oriental kids that weighs about 200 pounds at 4 years old. (Not picking on oriental kids but I've see several of those pics.) Then you have #4 that is almost certainly a pic of non-Americans (euro-beer and euro license plate) and it backfires again. America 17, Europe 0.

    • Flojoe

      When you look up the words "pool" and "power socket" you can see how the story ended. Although I love my country I'm pretty sure that those are Germans…

  • truthiness

    #3 is just Stunningly beautiful.

    • Three A.M

      On a serious note, can we have an entire post of this? Please?

    • aguy

      I remember seeing her on reddit with a tag like… "This isn't what 15 should look like". Just a heads up… 15. Yea.

  • the real d. nozzle

    serentity is pretty fucking gross. and yes, you are a better ninja turtle.

    • D.A.B.

      Wow, really? Are you blind? She is cute. Well i guess to each their own.

  • Ben

    Man that photo you found of Ellen Page looks like Justin Beiber.
    You might have just ruined Ellen Page for me haha

    • SAJ

      Watch the movie hard candy

      • http://www.facebook.com/aignepalooza Aigne Likekanye Grooms

        thank you a million times over! i have been trying to remember the name of that movie for WEEKS! side note! more of that ellen page please, thanks.

  • ocex

    Nr. 4 is in Germany, btw. You can tell by the beer on the table.

    • robsterling

      It is Germany. If you could see the entire photo you would notice that the guy in black has his shoes tied in nazis.

    • andy

      Note the European shaped license plates and the European-shaped people.

  • chiver

    please uncrop #13

  • Danny P

    Is that Colin Quinn in #4?


    I think there are barely any comment because everyone is still going through the Sexy Chivers Gallery!!
    Damn that keeps getting better and better!

  • Danny P

    You picked a fugly picture of her from 5 years ago. Ellen Page is sexy as hell and cool as fuck. Shut yo mouth!!!

    • JOhhny5


      Brent should go jack off to Vanna White

      • Guest

        I thought that was a picture of Brent, hence him being upset because he looks like Page.

  • Robble Robble

    #14 How does that even work?

    • http://www.napamamascribe.blogspot.com Mama Scribe

      who cares? You could drag me up by my hair to put me in one of those things. I'd be happy to never get down either.


    Bat Cat is a way better cat name. Personal pet peeve…I hate when people name animals with human names!!! Sarah??? really? Lame!

    • its_forge

      Sarah's a Hebrew word meaning Princess, I had a cat I called Princess, what's it to ya.

      • G Monie

        Princess is retarded too…

  • http://www.facebook.com/tylermars.design Tyler Mars

    double rainbow….jus sayin

  • Michael

    MOAR 13!

    • cpt

      seriously, someone had to crop it there? there must be a more filled out picture on the internets! find her

  • Fistfullofh8&change

    Female athletes are disappointing on two levels- 1-They're almost always ugly. 2- They suck at sports. They need to ban any sports league starting with a W.

    • top dog

      I'll bet an athletic little girl kicked your ass, thats why you don't like them, ain't it?

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