Apple destruction therapy… and art (11 photos)

Artist Michael Tomport and photographer Paul Fairchild have made torturing Apple fans an art form and we like it. Learn more about their work HERE Shown above: 12 iPod Nanos -Method of Destruction: Caltrain diesel locomotive

  • _HypoLuxa_

    "Method of destruction: Caltrain diesel locomotive" = win

  • Naive Navel

    I have a ball. Perhaps you would like to bounce it?

    • stafferty

      Nicest responce to a "First" I've seen while still remaining slightly dickish. Well done sir.

      • bamrocket

        Im going to change my Username to Frosty :]

        • SweetAwesomeness

          im going to not care…

  • John

    Classic exmaple that art is an expensive waste of someones time. Oh, and mine for having looked at this shit.

    • Tony the Troll


    • Joey Mitchell

      I agree.

    • been

      mac fan angry.

  • Tony the Troll

    that was sick!

  • Talking_Mule

    They focused on Apple products because the stuff Microsoft makes is a whole lot tougher, It may not be as advanced or efficient but I'll take my Zune over a train any day.

    • a BiPolar guy

      So…. you use an admittedly inferior product because you believe it can withstand being run over by a train? Why don't you test that theory…. Personally I just try not to leave my iPod on a train track..

    • Joe

      Case in point…the Xbox 360? I've been through 3 of those things. Anyone else?

      Think the same would be true if Apple made it? Doubt it! I think it's fair to say more MS products are crap vs Apple's.

    • Shyla Gordon-Russell

      You do know they makes cases for the reason right? Dropped my iphone down 9 flights of metal stairs. no harm done. just get an otter box.

  • stafferty

    I don't know art but I know what I like. Mindless destruction of other people's expensive items with tools, locomotives and small arms is appearently something I really like.

  • Lisa_Martin

    I've shot a phone before. It was only a crappy LG Razr though. Damn thing kept turning off for no reason. It was sooooooo therapeutic to kill it with my 30 0 6. 🙂

    • equalizermax

      Probably you're referring to a Motorola Razr ???

  • Dave

    Chive!! I cant find thechive on facebook…..
    Is thechive banned from it??

  • Jeremy

    "Where did you go, psycho?

    I felt like destroying something beautiful"

    • Qwerty

      Fight Club reference Win!

  • GArenburg

    Great video of an iPhone meeting a blow torch at:

  • equalizermax


  • Rick

    Looks like an expensive habit

  • fasterthanu

    not the ipod!

  • sfmountainbiker

    Is the iPad in #11 still working even after being blowtorched to death? So much for the comment that MS products are more resiliant. Look at that thing!

    • Dave

      Does it look like it still works?

      • Mcardle

        eh where the screen isn't burnt it does. Dumbass

        • Andherson Dasilva

          pixel burn? (sarcasm)

  • BloodScrubber

    Senseless, yes. Theraputic…yes. Now lets go deface a rotary phone somwhere….

  • spaceboi

    Pure therapy for the soul.

  • Catence

    Incredibly expensive, but actually kind of beautiful.

  • Jimmy B

    Chive, I noticed something strange in this post. By your description you seem to be somewhat anti Apple. I have no problem with that, to each his own. However, I noticed in your Printing Our Facebook Friends post it appears at least two of you use MacBooks. Whats the deal?

  • Viper

    Coming from me, an apple supporter (not a fanatic by any stretch though), this is pretty awesome, haha.

  • Evan Wilkinson

    I bet the blowtorch one stank to high heaven.

  • Stupendiferous.

    um art? really? that's funny i was under the mistaken impression broken electronics was junk. glad i have been shown otherwise… fail.

  • scooter

    I can hear the fanboys cry.

  • I Like Turtles

    What about Steve Jobs?

  • Coldzilla

    And the word WHY comes forth once again………..

  • thetruth

    This is what a high unemployment rate can do to people…

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