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Apple destruction therapy… and art (11 photos)

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Artist Michael Tomport and photographer Paul Fairchild have made torturing Apple fans an art form and we like it. Learn more about their work HERE Shown above: 12 iPod Nanos -Method of Destruction: Caltrain diesel locomotive

  • _HypoLuxa_

    "Method of destruction: Caltrain diesel locomotive" = win

  • Naive Navel

    I have a ball. Perhaps you would like to bounce it?

    • stafferty

      Nicest responce to a "First" I've seen while still remaining slightly dickish. Well done sir.

      • bamrocket

        Im going to change my Username to Frosty :]

        • SweetAwesomeness

          im going to not care…

  • John

    Classic exmaple that art is an expensive waste of someones time. Oh, and mine for having looked at this shit.

    • Tony the Troll


    • Joey Mitchell

      I agree.

    • been

      mac fan angry.

  • Tony the Troll

    that was sick!

  • Talking_Mule

    They focused on Apple products because the stuff Microsoft makes is a whole lot tougher, It may not be as advanced or efficient but I'll take my Zune over a train any day.

    • a BiPolar guy

      So…. you use an admittedly inferior product because you believe it can withstand being run over by a train? Why don't you test that theory…. Personally I just try not to leave my iPod on a train track..

    • Joe

      Case in point…the Xbox 360? I've been through 3 of those things. Anyone else?

      Think the same would be true if Apple made it? Doubt it! I think it's fair to say more MS products are crap vs Apple's.

    • Shyla Gordon-Russell

      You do know they makes cases for the reason right? Dropped my iphone down 9 flights of metal stairs. no harm done. just get an otter box.

  • stafferty

    I don't know art but I know what I like. Mindless destruction of other people's expensive items with tools, locomotives and small arms is appearently something I really like.

  • Lisa_Martin

    I've shot a phone before. It was only a crappy LG Razr though. Damn thing kept turning off for no reason. It was sooooooo therapeutic to kill it with my 30 0 6. 🙂

    • equalizermax

      Probably you're referring to a Motorola Razr ???

  • Dave

    Chive!! I cant find thechive on facebook…..
    Is thechive banned from it??

  • Jeremy

    "Where did you go, psycho?

    I felt like destroying something beautiful"

    • Qwerty

      Fight Club reference Win!

  • GArenburg

    Great video of an iPhone meeting a blow torch at:

  • equalizermax


  • Rick

    Looks like an expensive habit

  • fasterthanu

    not the ipod!

  • sfmountainbiker

    Is the iPad in #11 still working even after being blowtorched to death? So much for the comment that MS products are more resiliant. Look at that thing!

    • Dave

      Does it look like it still works?

      • Mcardle

        eh where the screen isn't burnt it does. Dumbass

        • Andherson Dasilva

          pixel burn? (sarcasm)

  • BloodScrubber

    Senseless, yes. Theraputic…yes. Now lets go deface a rotary phone somwhere….

  • spaceboi

    Pure therapy for the soul.

  • Catence

    Incredibly expensive, but actually kind of beautiful.

  • Jimmy B

    Chive, I noticed something strange in this post. By your description you seem to be somewhat anti Apple. I have no problem with that, to each his own. However, I noticed in your Printing Our Facebook Friends post it appears at least two of you use MacBooks. Whats the deal?

  • Viper

    Coming from me, an apple supporter (not a fanatic by any stretch though), this is pretty awesome, haha.

  • Evan Wilkinson

    I bet the blowtorch one stank to high heaven.

  • Stupendiferous.

    um art? really? that's funny i was under the mistaken impression broken electronics was junk. glad i have been shown otherwise… fail.

  • scooter

    I can hear the fanboys cry.

  • I Like Turtles

    What about Steve Jobs?

  • Coldzilla

    And the word WHY comes forth once again………..

  • thetruth

    This is what a high unemployment rate can do to people…

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