• Lauren


  • Long Duck Dong

    All he wanted was some head….cut the guy some slack

    • Lev


    • nouu


    • BigDingo

      I have half a mind to come up with a witty response to that

    • Lisa_Martin

      Made me slap my hand over my mouth LOL'ing! LOL Thanks LDD. 😀

  • Sizzle

    Well, now we know why he got caught. He's not very "headstrong" hah!

    …I'll go kill myself now.

  • stafferty

    Miami PD should have had some sympathy. There is little-to-no way he could have gotten laid without paying for it. Unless there is a girl who REALLY needs a cup holder or end table.

  • Spencer Thomson

    id fuck him and im a dude. but im also a fag. i also smell like poop. i eat poop too,

    • reesty

      stop trying so hard

    • AshTheMohican

      Why is everyone disliking this? This is brilliant lmao!

    • Captain Charley

      poor form spencer, poor form

  • Anonymous

    Ok, even I will admit that the comment right above mine is WAY funnier.

    • Alex

      nice try tho

  • bittor

    "More of this story" or more of another guy with half head? Different guy, different country, different half-head…

    • dean

      they should get together

  • equalizermax

    He has half the brains to escape being captured by those cops.

  • mattythegooch

    Something..Something…HALF-OFF SALE..Something..Something (All the good "head" jokes were taken…including his)

    • Captain Charley

      hahahaha awesome dude, awesome

  • FLHomesteader

    #2 to #3
    First I was like,

    Then I was like…

    Then he was arrested.

  • CK12

    Half a head but 1 whole eyebrow

  • CaptainInsano

    Soliciting prostitutes is no way to get a-head in life

  • J-Greene

    In the Simpsons, Mr. Burns was dying from skull collapse.

  • truthiness

    To quote Carlin, "Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why is it illegal to sell something, that is perfectly legal to give away!"

    Seriously, how else is this guy going to get laid?

  • MigraineBoy

    He should make up his mind.

  • Psyche

    I've got half a mind to go hire a hooker myself.

  • a BiPolar guy

    he needs to move to nevada and visit the legal brothels there.

    I've seen several people with missing skull & brain like this from injuries you'd think would kill them outright (and usually do). Some top (front or back) some side, some angled) . A lot of times they put in implants to round out the head to look normal. It continues to astound me that they can function normally with such a large chunk of brain missing. Some people's brain seem to be able to "move" missing function to new areas, while other people with similar injuries have massive loss of cognitive and motor functions.

    • kitkat49601

      You are absolutely right. People only use about 5% of their brain functions. I know that when I started going deaf in my right ear that my sense of smell improved.

  • Da Sandman

    i'm an attention whore too, but i can't think of any witty comments right now…

  • Anonymous

    I saw pictures of the prostitute and she was very unattractive. The dude must have got smashed before he went trolling for hookers.

  • imantisluts

    i'm anti whores but sheesh poor guy can't win for losing. i this case they should give him a pass. i think that now makes me a hypocrite.

  • Mike

    He should be allowed.

  • turtle

    "I don't know why I was thinking officer!"

  • Robert Logan

    He looks almost normal in number 3….almost .

  • Spliggs

    Wtf, that guy's basically living off the top of his spine!

    • yup

      well most automated behavior is done through the brainstem

  • Graphixxz

    He can wear tiny hats.

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