Ice, she’s one cold hearted b^$*# (30 Photos)

Welcome back, Winter.

  • Pat

    That's why I live in Texas!

    • stafferty

      NO matter where you live you have to deal with something. Earthquakes in CA; Rain In OR,WA; Tornados in the midwest and northern Texas, extreme heat, hurricanes on the lower east coast and Gulf, and snow/ice anywhere north of DC.

      At least the ice looks cool. but shoveling/scraping in 10 degree weather really does suck.

    • zym

      True enough, but you have to live in Texas.

    • blake honda

      …That's why I live in Hawaii.

      • turbosmurf

        you win.

  • Diana Santos

    it's absolutely beautiful 🙂

    What is that in #13? :$

    • Diana Santos


      • top dog

        #13 look like frozen light poles.

        #16 Look like frozen red tad poles to me.

        • Diana Santos

          thank you 😉

  • equalizermax

    #30 – I hope he is still alive

    • stefanhartman


  • Dan

    I HATE ice storms.

  • BigDingo

    Beautiful… but I can't even imagine how much it must suck to have to try to do everyday things after a storm like that has happened.

    • turbosmurf

      it sure was fun when i was a kid , but thankfully this rarely happens where i live.

      • CPO_Mendez

        Happens quite often here…

  • Buildazoo

    Wtf #18 has no ice or snow in it. Thats an infrared pic.

    • Balls

      Thanks for beating me to the punch.

  • truthiness

    In Mother Russia Ice melts YOU!…wait that makes no sense..

  • vince

    If it weren't for downed power lines, ice storms would be GREAT on a semi-regular basis. 2 feet of snow, you're still expected to get to work. 1 inch of ice, and EVERYTHING is shut down.

  • top dog

    Well it's not in hell, thats for damn sure eh.

  • Craven Morhead

    Ok Chive nice winter post…I think next post should be fripples? Whose with me?

  • Sauru

    this makes me miss home. loved my new england winters

  • Htownpunk

    That's great, because we would rather have you deal with ice on your car than have your douchebag-self living in our fair state. Not sure where you live, but I do feel sorry for the rest of the inhabitants.

  • no1mini

    makes me glad to be british! i'll have a cup of tea over icicles on my balls anyday.

    • Thor Mannion

      yeah what about teeth? ya got any?

  • Lisa_Martin

    Let's go up for summer. And bikini's. Ahhhhhh the kini's.

  • amandiola

    We aren't all belligerent bastards in the South, especially in Texas.

  • jamie

    jack torrence

  • Charles J Croumie

    I live in Colorado, but every so often in PA. visiting my mom. I used to complain about the snow in CO….not anymore after seeing an ice-storm out here, I had to use a hairdryer to get to my car door locks!

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      there is really nothing to complain about weather wise in colorado. especially this winter. this place fucking rocks. if only all those assholes from texas would just stay there…

      • Uncle Mikey

        We only come up there to nail your sister

  • Catence

    Beautiful. I love mornings waking up to this….that is until I have to walk outside in it.

  • Deutscher

    F*%$ YOU WINTER! leave me alone

  • Suzy

    I agree with pat, thats why I live in Texas.

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