The best “Am I doing This Right?” gallery of 2010 (18 photos)

  • treebarc

    Oh man, some of those are funny.

    • asdf

      Wrong name of the meme once again chive. Way to go faggots.

  • C.Ro

    I LOVE these! Talented people of the internets, please make moar!

  • Andrew

    Ah, #10. You slay me.

  • cool dude

    first!!!!!!! FIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lau

      You failed so hard, I'm gonna need medication.

      • cool dude

        how did i fail? im gonna medicate your ass with my giant cock

        • vince

          haha… not only are you a fail, you are a fail homo.

          • cool dude

            hey vince, im finished medicating lau's ass. now im gonna stretch my dick all the way over to your house and stick it in your ear

            • ba-deeeer.

              you are really good at being a douchebag. congratulations. not so cool dude. total fucking bummer loser dude.

  • jaime


  • Pete Ribaudo

    9 is my fave.Gave me a great idea and i will submit it.and yes, it shall be racist, but funny though so its ok.

  • Small Ant

    So much victory here.

  • jefdenbosaap

    i love em! sum of em are really good

  • Brand_n

    7 and 13 are hilarious. Apparently I have some sort of vomit fetish I just discovered. Thanks, Chive!

    • DaddyD

      Me too. 7 made me laugh so hard I cried.

  • stafferty

    I'm glad to see you edited out the dong this time. extremely glad.

  • davyb123

    16 is hillarious!!!!!


    Wow. (wipes eyes) Most Hilarious Chive Gallery of the Year Ever Award Win.

  • Ava

    i love the lil kid sitting indian style almost hidden in the tiger woods pic. lol

  • Bob

    16 is a classic – ugly girl remover!



  • Chrispeena


  • DBJ

    16 not only did it right, but should be a new photoshop filter.

  • Ellis

    I can't breath of laughter xD
    Someone help me! Make me sad again.

  • Unwavering

    16 FTW!

  • meh

    meh. rehash.

  • Jules Farrow

    #16, the second girl from the left has tragically lost her arm in the last photo!

    • Jman

      hah, didnt even notice that. Dont even understand why she needed to lose arm!

  • BlowChunks

    12. eraser head spawn

  • MattFoley

    First time I saw #18 and #19 I was literally rotfl

  • VSi

    The funniest post i've seen on chive in a long time. `

  • Annubis223

    #1 The Gay Test you sir pass

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