• grom1111

    Awsome! First! (I know I have no life…..)

    • Ingeriam

      2ND!!!… (I have alot of HW, but this is more important)

    • skizzle

      Die, please die

      • yougottrolled

        Its fun watching the first haters get so wound up over someone posting first.

    • Guest123

      The roof the roof the roof is on snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • misainzig

    Thanks a lot Brittfarv.

    • juggler

      A nice way to end a crappy season….

  • onlyChange

    a little snow just makes the game more interesting

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  • silkystealthsurgeon

    guy who designed that roof ought to be fired!

    • ----

      you are an idiot. its 38 yrs old. its not like it was erected yesterday and couldnt withstand its first test.

      • Clint

        Lol… Erected.

      • ----

        wait i meant 28

        • Minneapolitan

          I agree that this first guy is an idiot. However, to be fair, the roof collapsed for the first time in fall of 1982 which was only like five weeks after it was constructed.

          • Ben

            Any well-designed roof would allow for minimal to no snow build-up, especially in a place like Minnesota. So I agree with the first guy.

            • ben is dumb

              well it's not like 17 inches builds up in one day every winter. obviously the snow would melt during the games from the indoor temp of the dome. so i disagree with you

  • Артрадикс

    Very nice )))

  • Joshuaaaaa

    dude at 10 second mark was booking it out of there!! haha I would have freaked as well

  • livenlove

    it collapsed… like favres career….

  • MNsnowta

    I can see the dome from my window..and I must say it doesn't look as fluffy as I remember from a few days ago….

  • carlos wifi gratis

    I think is a marketing

    • anarcrust

      I think you accidentally a word

  • Ellis


  • smishra

    midwest represent, now put your choppers up!

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  • Dude

    it sounds like a fuckin world disaster or something

  • Matt

    wow it almost looks like its from a movie

  • Sizzle

    Awesome. Too bad Favre wasn't standing underneath it.

  • conor

    hmmmmm… not like the vikings needed it this year anyway the way they're playing, unfortunately =/

  • Snowned! Priceless!

    Sending pictures of your wee-wee makes the snow gods angry Farve

  • Catence

    I drive by the metrodome just about every day. This weather is ridiculous.

  • Rob Rodriguez Eduardo Jordan

    I know its real but its looks so fake….like day after tomorrow 2 of something.

  • (>^_^)>


  • BudhHA

    thats great its tagged as fail

  • Danger Pat

    I was downtown Minneapolis the night before. The amount of snow the Twin Cities got was a little insane. It sucks it happened, but I'm not shocked it happened under all that weight.

  • LOL

    same thing happen at montreal (state olympique) nobody die but lot of car was scrap 😛

  • BigDingo

    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside its so… OH MY GOD

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