Bad Santas (16 Photos)

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  • Vince

    #15 WTH

    • FuckOff

      I laughed so loud, half my office looked over hahaha

    • Ken

      This one makes me LOL every time I see it. I call him "Corpse Santa."

      • avoidz

        Weekend at Santa's

  • Phondo

    Well of course — pretty sure none of these are the REAL Santa.

    • Roscoe

      Thanks for clearing that up….

  • Jenny

    #11 The Creepiest
    #15 The Crapiest

    Happy Christmas

    • Chris

      Couldn't agree more

  • dubya

    Yep…. Two big ol' cups of creepy.

  • Mike

    wtf is that?? #15

  • Merc

    Pedosanta: The early years…

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #11 ahhhh santa…the original Pedobear

    • Jay

      Not the original, the creator. Pedobear is Santa's Frankenstien, only this time the experiment went horrible right.

  • MigraineBoy


    In prison now…

    • Ryan

      Is that the girl from poltergeist?

      • Dirtball

        Good call, isnt she dead?

  • inner cranks

    most of these kids grew up to hate christmas

  • jugg


  • Jay

    #14 – Now the kids know for sure that Santa isn't real.

    • Thindercunt

      Why you ask, because this one will take presents not leave them…..

      On a side not I am black so it is okay for me to say this.

      • Hez26

        milk and cookies?….better make that a 40oz and a pack of KOOL's black too…aaah sterotypes

      • trollin

        i am white, but I agree…… and I can say that because I am white!!!

    • Big Bob

      What gave it away…the sunglasses?

    • WDT

      That's not bad Santa, That BAD ASS Santa. Say Merry Christmas again, Mother F****R.

  • potkettle

    #13 Jason Schwartzman?

    • nick

      yep. i was thinking the same thing.

      • Maggie Karabel

        I'm pretty sure that little girl is me. Like, 99% sure. I need to take a shower with bleach now…

  • 13ms13

    #14 – Santa seems legit.

    • Danny P

      too legit

      • Rega

        too legit to quit?

    • top dog

      about as ligit as the rest of em.

      • Darius ThePos

        all the moms got the sausage they wanted this year

  • Dunny

    #9 And starring Chris Farley as Santa Claus!

  • Its me

    Can you say pedor-asses?

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  • joe

    #5 hilarious!

  • top dog

    Bad Santas? more like Drunk Santas…..they just fucked Christmas all up for them kids.

  • Optimus Subprime

    #10 = Santa Dylan

  • Catence

    tis the season for creepy santas.

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #6: The first Klingon Santa! qa'Pla!

  • GoForth


    What's up with the cigarette butt and the Swedish Fish in Santa's beard?

  • Jonathan

    #4 is really freakin creepy.

  • Dlaka


  • Why Not?

    #9 is that Gimli?

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