Daily Afternoon Randomness (43 Photos)

  • Mr. A

    #2 DERP!!!

    • atomotodd

      aren't they mocking duckface?

      • WolfP

        Hope so 🙂

  • dustin

    I made it down to #28, came down to say hello, headed back up there for rest of the day

    • Nate

      yea. simply phenomenal. my day is f*cked

      • http://www.facebook.com/Denzino Brandon Densley

        I kept thinking, "oh, there she goes again! Wait, there she goes again! OMG! Again!"
        And on and on for the next 20 or so minutes… I lost track…

    • Six

      Hottest chick forever?

  • darby

    #39, this man has seen things no man should see

    • Jeremy

      I like the "Hard Times" sign on the right. Well done, homeless man. Well done.

    • Maria

      I actually saw him today after class at LBCC getting stopped by the police and then let go. Except he was missing his other sandal. . .

    • Jeff

      I was on my way to the bank and saw this guy walking down Clark Ave.

  • Random

    #21 Thumbs up for Nutella !!!

    • Juan

      Hell, thumbs up for Costco!

  • Not Again

    #43 Busch Beer, Truth in Advertising…..

    • That Guy

      Screw the bird in my hand I'll take the two in the bush

    • DixonOrmus

      whats far left hiding that she broke the box?

    • Logic76

      the 2010 trailer park pageant gets underway…

    • Jeff

      The official outfit of the Pedobear Cheerleaders.

  • BigDingo

    #9 If I looked like that, that's pretty much what I'd do all day too. That, and motorboatin em

    • http://www.facebook.com/Denzino Brandon Densley

      I thought she was praying!

      • lonin

        She's not praying, she's thanking God.

    • Javier

      this is VERONA POOTH german it-girl, i know it ´cause im german hihi

    • Nudity and Fluids

      Can we have more pics of her please?

  • Me2

    #43 If they're wearing the boxes like that, one wonders where the six-pack rings would fit (well, at least *two* of the rings)

    • Nick


    • just-sayin'

      way to go champ 😀

  • Dave

    #17 You are awesome!

    • Luke

      There is something weird about her stomach.

      • Chris

        It's called a gut

        • Semper

          She didn't send the photo to get feedback on her body she's just having fun. Leave her alone. I have a little gut too and it's lovely 😀

          • drea

            i get what your saying, most mature woman meaning ones whove had children or at least over the age of 25 have a different shape and in old painting the women were'nt all stick thin they have a little cushion which was much more desired back then.

            • Lau

              25=Mature woman? Wtf has this world come too. Apparently to most guys on the chive, it would seem, anything older than 18 is too old. It's getting a little sick.

          • Greg

            We call that a peter belly where I come from…and it's awesome. Show me yours….gdlee@windstream.net

        • drea

          thats not a gut dick head

      • kyle

        Sexually mature women have a specific natural shape. She looks like a naked woman in an old painting.

        • Lucas

          hahaha is that a compliment dude? lol either way, that is not attractive.

      • Jeremy

        "I think pot bellies are sexy"

        • Bob

          Do you mean a perfect pot belly like Madonna in Lucky Star? Just remember a pot belly makes a man look oafish…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1503434319 Will Moog

        The only "weird" thing about it is that it isn't photoshopped.

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          *Sigh* You guys are morons.

          • The Real D. Nozzle

            why are you still trying to steal my name? at least post something interesting if you are gonna steal it.

            • The Real D. Nozzle

              Alright man, this is just getting old. If you're gonna impersonate me, at least make yourself look like LESS of a whiny bitch.

              • The Real D. Nozzle

                But then I wouldn't be impersonating you, now would I?

      • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

        Shut it. She has a hot body and that little gut is tha sexah

      • mischasimpson

        It looks like she has previously had a child or is in the very early stages of pregnancy. Either way she looks beautiful.

    • ya dig

      She is way better then ANYTHING the people commenting can get!!!!

    • barry

      how many months along are you?

    • Claire

      I'm a girl, and I like it when girls have the littlest bit of a "gut" though that's not how I view it. My ex had these little love handles..but she was gorgeous. Still skinny..nut not stick thing. This Chivette looks stunning. Her body is absolutely perfect.

      • Claire

        Also, it is the way she is standing. If you notice she has her back bent slightly, making it seem like her stomach is stuck out. Not only the but it's also the lighting casting shadows on the side of her stomach.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

    #40 Can you score me a dime bag, Son?

    • http://www.facebook.com/bmignaco Bruno Mignaco

      I didn't get it 😦

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

        I was insinuating that his mom would want him to purchase some marijuana for her own use.

        • Hamlap

          Funny, in holland it's just used for rolling cigarettes. For a joint it would be almost twice as big.

          • http://www.facebook.com/marcos.haubert Marcos Haubert

            than you guys suck at rollling joints and use too much paper.. its ok, i was once a noob smoker too

            • Jen

              in holland, you have to roll that shit with tobacco from a cigarette b/c that it is so sticky. hence the need for more paper. also, that shit in holland had me so retarded, i thought it was armageddon.

            • mememe


            • Hamlap

              No, it just lasts longer that way, I like my joint long time…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669440656 Steve Shaw

    #24 Finally, a man with his priorities in order.

  • chris

    #9, so hard not to look, it even fascinates her

  • Adrian

    whats up with number fives stomach.

    • atomotodd

      you mean #17 , right?

    • just-sayin'


      hmm….looks like a normal tree-stomach to me!

  • BigDingo

    #43 those look like some nasty used boxes

    • Captain Insano

      Well I always like to get some head with my beer.

  • Nate

    #9 – Who in the hell is this???

  • femtrooper

    #19 You could pretty much say this about anything that's a leisure activity…

    Quit hating on WoW

    Lok'tar O'gar.

    • Herrmann

      Going for a walk doesn't cost me $15 per month, though…

      • Riiiiiiiiiight

        $15 for endless amounts of entertainment a month. how much do you pay for cable or your kindle books? pretty sure walking isn't your exclusive leisure activity, unless you're the world's most boring individual. whatever else you do that consumes cash that isn't a "need" is money in the toilet.

        • McBeastie

          No, the world's most boring individual is playing World of Warcraft right now, not commenting on theChive.

    • B-Rad

      Yeah…..just ask anyone who owns a boat 🙂 (Except those would be hundred dollar bills instead of ones)

    • pudgetron

      the point is that you get nothing real out of WoW that you couldn't get for free/for much less doing something else

      • femtrooper

        So you don't go to the movies? Or rent movies, or have cable? Or the internet? I don't recall getting anything real outta those things either, but most people do them.

        • Jimmy

          exactly. people that pay for wow are just paying for entertainment, like anyone else in the world.

          • jimbo

            People always bitch about stuff they don't understand. $15 a month is a bargain, IMO.

    • FLHomesteader


      I don't care what people say…

      FOR THE HOARD!!!

      I've actually met alot of people that play and don't really talk about it because of the negative stigmas associated with gaming.

      • Xin

        Yeah… I totally agree,
        But dude… It's The Horde, not The hoard.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128575238 Jesse Waters

      I play WoW. And still find this funny, and true. Don't live in a false reality.

  • soooboredatwork

    #17 I will have nightmares of that belly button!

    • Speedy

      you sir, are gay for that comment.

  • Bisketz

    #28 JLH for life!

    • mememe

      or at least before her ass got fat

  • Vinnie

    Um, maybe they didn't think you wouldn't, maybe they thought you shouldn't…

    • H8r1984


    • Zebulon

      Aww, people are so mean!

      • mischasimpson

        Agreed. People tore a part a pic that was sent in of me and it made me feel like shit. Good for her having the guts to post. Girls are going to submitting pics if they continue to behave this way. Be thankful for some T& A on a Tuesday.

        • Haters Gonna Hate

          a real woman he doesn't haz it

        • Displayed

          If you send your pic to the internet be prepaired for the consequences. Like the internet is a nice place?! * Gets out tissues *

  • atomotodd

    #23 truly is an amazing sag for an 18 year old. good to know things that suck have always sucked.

    • Rick

      she's hott

  • McAwesome

    look at that large, curvy, belly button on #17

    • coco

      she looks pregnant, about 3 to 4 months…

  • atomotodd

    #35 and #36 got the captions messed up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wjacksonjr Wayne Jackson

      Apparently the submitter has never been with a girl with a big mouth. Or perhaps any girl can deepthroat him…

    • Rick

      I agree please fix this error

  • Stevo

    #35 and #36 have the labels swapped

    • Del

      whoa…double comment all the way

    • atomotodd

      you, sir, are brilliant.

  • uber

    # 6 we got one of those for my dad. they deliver it in the fragil-a box and everything

  • J.J.

    #17 You shouldn't have.

  • Anonymous

    #33 = mmmmmmmmm, i go to sou and i have to say wvu’s beer looks a lot tastier.

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