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    Proof that women are responsible for 99.9% of all car accidents.

    FYI First.

    • unibroue


      proof that women are responsible for 99.9% of all STUPID car accidents!

    • will

      Why didn't the d-bags filming go out and help her?

      • unibroue

        It's cold outside …

      • Douche 1

        And beer is heavy

      • gaz

        he shouldn't have to go outside

      • circle 8

        Seriously, the guys filming this are total fuckwads

    • Chicks without Dicks

      & now i understand the reasoning behind why women make 75 cents to every dollar a man makes.

    • Al Adriel Hinojos

      Actually, men are more likely to cause fatal accidents than women, even after calculating proportional ratios. However, it could be that women are more likely to cause minor fender-benders types of accidents, but i'm not to sure on this.

  • niceone

    Girl was an idiot for leaving the car in gear.
    Guy was an idiot for not shouting out to her to warn her.

    • JpJ

      Guy was an ass for not helping either.

      • Kyle

        Plus, she looked hot. Do we really have to tell guys that if you help women out in situations like this, your odds of getting laid go dramatically up?

        • erick

          the question is… what is she doing outside of the kitchen?

  • ssf

    I really appreciate the 2 minute buildup to the payoff. The tension was very palpable. It was like Open Water all over again.

    • Maurice James Girvan

      The funniest part was at the start when she cleared the snow at her front wheels and when she go in it was read wheel drive! The crash was inevitable.

      • Maurice James Girvan

        obviously that should have said *got* in and *rear* wheel drive! Doh!

  • aosux

    Have Europeans ever heard of chains?

    • Jay

      you're going to put chains on a beemer? Try winter tires first.

      • aosux

        I wouldn't own a BMW to begin with but yes. That would make more sense than driving into a house.

        • Kris Coleman

          Chains are illegal where I'm from. Aren't they pretty Scarce? They are hell on roads.

      • plonk

        Cars dont come with winter tyres by default.
        Its not cost effective to buy winter tyres for a few weeks of the year.
        Do what I do and leave the car in the garage during these conditions.

        • Jay

          you must admit, its more cost effective then driving into a house.

    • vince

      Chains, winter tires (or tyres), whatever. The correct choice is called 4-wheel drive. If you can't get out with 4WD, you probably shouldn't be there in the first place.

      • Jay

        You don't require 4WD to navigate during the winter.

        I drive a little Acura (which, isn't 4WD, if you were wondering) and I get around just fine during the winter, which can be pretty brutal in Alberta.

        • Chantelle Wollbaum

          Agreed you don't need AWD. I drive my mustang (RWD) year round in Saskatchewan winters and it may be a pain in the ass at times but winter tires and common sense is all you need to make it around.

    • ---=

      chains are illegal in europe because they damage the roads.

      • top dog

        Chains are not illegal in Europe. Try driving through the Brenner Pass without them, you won't make it. I can't say that about England, they may be illegal there.

        • Emma Oliver

          I'm not sure the uk has a ruling on chains, but seeing as we don't normally get enough snow to warrant them, it's not necessary. nor are winter tyres to be honest. personally I'mquite happy with my front wheel drive volvo and a set of snow socks (ebay)

          • alki

            Snow chains can only be put on your tyres in the uk in heavy snow, if you put them on and then get into a town where there isnt much snow you have to take them off to prevent damage to the roads. Its a stupid law because it means you're constantly getting in and out of your car to put the chains on.
            I like how instead of helping their neighbour get her car unstuck they just filmed it and laughed instead. They fucking deserved getting hit with the car.

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Chains are actually required by law in Italy.

      • Your mom's dog's mom

        I doubt you're gonna see many yars with chains in Sicily.
        Maybe in the North… when the weather conditions require them.

        I know in germany your required to use winter tyres if the weather conditions require them… Hence, if you damage your car driving on snow and didnt have winter tyres you're insurance wont pay squat.

    • dan

      dumbass aosux

    • lolbob

      Europeans yes but she comes from the UK. That explains everything… She cleans in front of the front tires. It's a RWD Car…

  • bear6

    well daddy certainly wont be too happy about her FIRST car getting smashed up… woman should have to take their drivers license exams 3 times to pass… anyone can get lucky on a first try!

  • Jay

    hah, did she put cruise on? if so. awesome.

  • Samwise <3

    I challenge you to find a calmer way to say "umm…it's about to hit the house"

  • 8888

    Strong, but stupid.

  • Speedy

    with the amount she spent on that bmw, she coulda bought herself a 4wd truck and had no problem gettin out. bmw = big money waste….

    • EU Rednecks

      Are there a lot of 4×4 trucks in Europe?

      • 4x4 Fool

        Fair amount – Barbarian pickups and Range / Land Rovers in the main…

    • Junk BMW

      I don't think she spent much on that BMW. Bimmers are the Ford Taurus of Europe, only over here are they "fancy". If you look you can see that the car doesn't even have HID's, guaranteed the interior is cloth seats, an AM/FM, and no cup holders.

      • Your Mom's Dog

        Bimmer…finally someone gets it correct!

        • Orion

          yup BMW shite cars. Poor build quality, low spec expensive crap. Record profits this year without record sales or layoffs – guess where they saved all the bucks.

    • Kyle

      Nooo.. BMW SUVs might be. BMW shouldn't be making SUVs though. I drive a Z4, and I love the thing. Granted, I'm pretty well screwed in snow, but hey, I live in Florida, so it's alright

  • Jay

    but thats not nearly as fun, cuz its like, cold out n' junk.

    • Catherine Anderson


  • grrrr

    how'd that girl get out of the kitchen?

    • McLovin' It

      you're missing two excalmation points after your question. two sandwiches were not made becuase of that girl's incessant need to drive in non-drivable conditions. let's mourn the beatiful, tasty lives they could have had… moment of silence please.

      • grrrr

        i can honestly say ive seen my first female ninja here. she got out of the kitchen, stole the car keys, got the garage open and even onto the street!!! what could possibly stop her??? driving it of course

  • hoffym69

    What a dick for just watching on not going to help!!!

    • Jimmy

      i was gonna post the same thing, stop being a lazy asshole and taping her and go help her like a real man would ya cunt.

      • hoffym69

        Amen brother

  • OneClownShoe

    Too bad she wasn't on a steep hill.

    • FlickMyBic

      why else do you think the car was moving………… u think she was pushing the gas pedal from the outside?

      • Your Mom's Dog

        Obviously you missed the entire part of the video where she put the vehicle in cruise and got out to push.

  • Diana Santos

    and no gentleman appeared to help? :'(

    • Your Mom's Dog

      Just because he's British doesn't make him a gentleman. Or cool.

      • Diana Santos

        i know..that's not what i meant…i wanted to say that someone who help is a gentleman…

  • Frankie Muniz

    I agree with Diana. What a jerk he is. Seriously he couldn't go out and help push her out? Karma is a mother f'er.
    I have a neighbor who I completly dislike, but I would still go out and help push her car out.
    On the plus side my Wrangler was half the cost and never got stuck in snow.

  • Kris Coleman

    I felt so bad for her by the end. You can tell her day was ruined.

    I also laughed at the fact that the dude just stood in his windows taping the whole thing instead of helping her… if only she had looked up to see him. would have bettered the end-scene.

  • Mikef

    …wants to film and *no one…

  • AJ.

    this wasnt even really that funny or surprising. lame video. i doubt the damage was even that bad in the front.

  • plonk

    It was his sister.
    Not gonna get to bang her so no point going out of the way for her.

    • unibroue

      Since when sisters are off limits?

  • plonk

    Making a mistake in a car can cost lives.
    You take lessons to make sure you are a safe driver and not make stupid mistakes like this.
    Shes the type of idiot who will slam on the gas instead of the brakes while accidentally running over your first born child.

    So yes shes bloody dumb.

  • Joeyk

    Call me crazy but pretty sure its END scene, which is why its said after describing the scene…

    • Fail Police


  • Mike

    I'm tired of pushing people out of the snow. If you learned to rock your car, and basically how to drive in general you wouldn't be stuck so often.

  • Max

    Put the F-ing camera down and help out you moron, or maybe you wake up every morning thanking God he made you perfect.

  • vince

    By going out and helping her, maybe he could have gotten a little 'thank you nookie". Instead, he opted for the 15 minutes of 'internet fame'. Congrats- you are gay.

    • top dog

      This time of year it's not called nookie, it's call warm eggnog.

  • zowie73

    what a maroon! most people would help out . . . she's kinda cute..

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