Off the wall self portraits (13 Photos)

These works and more by Pierre Beteille.

  • MigraineBoy

    #9 is funny as hell!

    • anon

      Why do people think hell is funny, or that shit is cool for that matter…
      I don't get it.

      • Anonymous

        Because it's comical when grown people believe in something that doesn't exist.

        • Jay

          I see what you did there.

          • dave32891

            i don't

        • Bryant Berthiaume

          Like GoD

      • Eazy E

        This shit IS cool, and you are boring as hell 😀

  • Cavall

    I like this guy. He is awesome. Good find.

  • Autorretratos artísticos de Pierre Beteille

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  • nemesis

    #2 is awesome

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    #8 is cool

  • zark7

    Why is the same asshole in every one? How pedestrian.

    • Tommy2X4

      Lets see your entry, genius.

    • Eazy E

      This dude takes photos by himself… you ARE by yourself. Yeah, might wanna let that one soak in.

  • Dandebo

    #1 is Jeff Daniels

  • Claire

    I think that would be my reaction too. xP hehe These are really cool though. :]

  • A.H.


  • mike

    Awesome post

  • Jim Duncan

    #6 is brilliant

    • SirSparkz

      Agreed, I LOL'd pretty hard on that one.

  • Gecko

    I'm a reasonably devout Catholic
    and I approve this Joke ^_^

  • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

    #5 and #10 were my favs…. really cool pics:)

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      Ummmm well what now is #4
      Damn you chive, do you realize that you messed up the numbering with the posts now?! I didn't even really get the now #5!!!!!

      • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

        And I really like #9… didn't care for now #10 either 😦

  • doublemeat


  • mmmcandy

    Where'd the one iwth the gun go?

    • CO_MtnGrl_Jaye

      Yeah WTF…. someone probably complained that it was too graphic….Lame sauce

  • Conor

    #5 Is genius xD

  • GingersDontHaveSouls

    Where the fuck did the original #1 go?

  • rawnoyz

    i dont get it. what is he pointing at?

    • tamathia

      It's a loaf of bread.. from the story about feeding the 500 or 5000 or whatever it was

  • MrCjv

    Well done. I went to his swebsite and he's really talented. WIN chive!

  • hector

    #7 is great, i want to do that

  • mavshmb

    Loved #12

  • BloodScrubber

    #3 Chia Pierre ?

  • MacNCheese

    #8 lmao!

  • @Rich_Rodrigues

    #7 and #10 AWESOME!

  • Why Not?

    #11 waiter, there's a shark in my soup

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