Message to all cats, the Christmas Tree is not your bed (22 Photos)

  • first ahole

    first sorry

    • Your baby's momma

      Why just why does the word first irritate the living shit out of me.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        because posting "first" is such a stupid, juvenile thing to do.

      • Lisa_Martin

        YB'sM, here is my theory on people who attempt to be first on this website & a few others I've seen.

        They have no real life, no one (meaning family, friends, children, bosses) to work for, no actual tasks to accomplish, but the urge to succeed is inherent in all humans. A few weirdo's are bound to take that urge to the interwebs. For the most part, they aren't worth commenting on and if they get their rocks off by getting an actual first, I don't really care. Not worth the irritation. It is actually funny when one thinks for SURE they have it, and not only are they not first, they are 2nd, 3rd, or 10th. That, to me is mildly lolable.

        There's also the sexual aspect. These people will never be anyones actual first sexual encounter…probably even their own. They spend that "OH I WISH I COULD" energy here. They need hobbies. Crocheting. Checkers. Scuba diving with lead weights & empty tanks. Whatever. 😛

        Long run, they aren't worth a second or even first thought. I almost always skip the first comment, if it's shorter than my ex's…um yeah…never mind. Chive on. 😉

        • hey


    • onlyChange

      include anything even close to the word 'first' and you know the thumbs are going down. you arent sorry. why even say it. you might as well have proclaimed: 'I am not a douchbag!'

  • dajesus

    I kinda' like boobs better…

    • Ross Stamm

      hand over your man card

      • dajesus

        For preferring the female anatomy over cats in trees? No sir, I don't think I will.

        • Malachi Constant

          ross was being sarcastic bro- man card still intact

          • dajesus

            Dammit – well done, Ross.

  • Had to be said

    Damn Chive that's a lot of Christmas pussy on one page.

  • bleeding_gums_murphy

    i have a belly button!

    • effemel

      epic name, obscure Simpsons reference ftw

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #8 – Oh, shit! Oh, shit! They're back! They're back! Abort! Abort!

  • Mike Engler

    cats are freakin hilarious! lol

  • BigDingo

    This was my favorite part of Christmas when I was a kid. Our cat would hang out in the middle and whack our hands when we tried to put up the ornaments.

  • j-man85

    #12 & #20 Ninja Kitteh

  • Cats

    Dear all humans,

    Fuck you this is my tree.


    • SMHRuefully

      Dude, an entire cat blog? Shouldn't that be on the girl site? Does BOB know he works for the Chive and not the Berry? SMHR.

      • sandra030

        Well, it looks likes guys like cats too… so SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    No "Christmas Vacation" reference? What does Randy Quad say after the cat is fried?

    • Jason R. Smith

      If that cat had nine lives it sure used 'em all.

  • Locode

    cats suck

  • ubettasukmahdikk

    aint nothin wrong with a pussy willin to cimb ontop your hardwood for christmas 😉

  • tag

    My cat used to do this, but that very Christmas she caused the tree to fall over with her in it, and she has never climbed in the tree since.

  • BloodScrubber

    Check good under the Christmas tree. He may just be thinkin….Shitter full…

  • celebrity star

    Friend so desserts. Great either:)

    • Lawl

      …. what?

  • Diana Santos

    #11,#21 i will try that with mine…^_^

  • meme

    the cat in #5 is " ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL"

  • Sanman

    Good post, thou the best cat in a christmas tree that you guys have posted was one with 'iz long story…pull puleaze' or somethin like that.

  • Edward

    The cats are waiting to ambush the jolly fat man…

  • top dog

    #22, Where'd he go? !!!
    Cat just like to climb stuff, tree's, post, curtains, anything. They don't know it a Christmsa tree, to them it's just another tree that should be couquered.

    "I am Catz the Conquerer, I will conquer thee….tree."

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  • Megan Medley

    My cat, luckily, has not climbed the tree. That's for next year.

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