Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • mike

    i think im a mormon now

  • Ryan D

    o thank God, I thought that was me

  • Slick

    #47, nasty even before the subtitle = passed the test B)

  • buster nut

    #35 WoooooooooH

  • MingoTheJedi

    #35, #37, and #46. Who are they?

  • hoovus

    #19 Made my fuckin' day

  • David

    Number 31 Fuck Yeah

  • Guest

    Isn't #47 a GUY?

  • NOUU

    #26 pathetic #40 might as well your all so fuckin ugly it's actually an improvement.

  • Antt

    #43 Damn straight she is

  • Robert

    #19 was great. #43 Shay Maria could be smoking crack, she'd still be hot.

  • Ed Debevic

    #35 is a painting you bunch of ignorant dill weeds

  • Billy

    Love #4. Chive can we have a gallery devoted to hip bones please!!!!????!!!!????

  • cuervo

    if you read this message… wtf are you doing?! look at #35

  • TVjoker

    Does anyone remember what the name of the site where illustrations like #36 are posted regularly?

  • dave

    #26 is a perfect example of a regrettable tat. She's obviously manless because no guy would tolerate having to look at that crap.

  • CC101

    #41 — I Laughed… REALLY FUCKING HARD lol

  • P-diddy

    #27 its st. "louis" not st "lous". spell it right asshole. we will also accept. st "louie", stl, or "the lou"

  • Lev


  • alex

    #9 is hot as hell. soooooo sexy

  • Ben from Aus

    #37 MOAR!

  • mic

    Dear retards, #47 is a guy.

  • Simon Mertens

    #27 abomination? are you mad?!?! sounds, and looks like heaven. absolute pure heaven

  • JDub

    #29 could not be more true, #37 could not be more hott although #46 comes pretty damn close

  • Deacon

    This article achieved extcaly what I wanted it to achieve.

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