The weird girl from ‘Always Sunny’ can’t possibly be hot… right? (7 Photos)

I posted the photo above in the DAR yesterday. One of the Chivers claimed "My radar tells me (she's) hot as hell." Few believed that statement and for good reason. Turns out Her name is Thesy Surface and she plays the lip-licking, deaf-mute Margaret McPoyle on 'Always Sunny'. It takes 2 hours of makeup to transform this swan into an ugly duckling.

  • thomas

    from #1 to #7 …. well done. I was convinced she was a mutant in real life

    • @valorikx221

      Yeah, #1 is what you see sober. # 7 is what you see after quite a few tasty adult beverages

    • 3x3org

      DANG IT!!! I turned her down on the set the other day!

  • XOS

    she still looks funny to me…ill pass!

    • nathan

      loser… you should be thumbed down to hell

      • XOS

        no i shouldnt.

      • jeff

        loser? do you know how many hot chicks are out there… this girl is meant to be tormented and washed down the porn tube… not f*cked properly my friend

        • Alan

          THANK YOU JEFF!!! Everytime some guy puts down a girl on here he gets called a fag. Maybe its because guys like us have standards and not just gonna bang any chck. She may be 10 in their piece of shit town but judging from where Jeff and I come from shes a 6 at best. I live in NYC and I can go to a bar right now and find atleast 3 chicks wayyyy hotter than this trah can….. then again I am a guy who does not find Emma Watson attractive, sorry fellas but she has no ass, no tits, and an ok face but for some reason The Chiv finds her HOTT? smh

          • ranD

            you may be able to find them… but there are good odds you dont have a chance in hell with them. the majority of guys that feel the need to put down every girl on here is bc they live in moms basement waiting on the meatloaf while they beat off to girls they cant only see on bottom line, if any woman has put her photo on the internet to be looked at, quit hating and say thank you. otherwise… move on….

          • flibertygiblet


          • Craig Millington

            Alan and XOS……… guys are agood in my book.
            I never understood teh Emma Watson fascination either.

    • mark b.

      good for you. I like having sex whenever I can so I'm gonna hit it B)

      • XOS

        maybe if i was hammered…id hit it from behind..something about her face man..

    • Mook

      By funny you mean ugly right?

      • XOS


      • XOS


    • its_forge

      lol you a dumbass

      a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig dumbass

    • Craig Millington

      I agree, only difference is the uni brow is gone.

  • davey

    wow ithought it was a guy at first

    • McDice

      Me too. Looks like Mr. Bean.

  • jack


    • cheezebits

      Yeah I am sure your hand has a better body that this girl.
      Pass he says…fucking idiot.

      • Alan

        I'm with Jack I'll pass….. Sometimes you gotta have standards fellas, and I dont know about you but for me, this is below it.

        • XOS

          ill pass..cute from the neck down…neck up is simply strange

          • Alan

            lol yeah her face still looks like a Mc. Poyle. There is no way it takes them 2 hours to do her makeup. The only difference is that her character has a unibrow.

        • VOR

          anyone who has to trumpet their standards anonymously on the internet is probably single and forever alone. keep telling everyone about this fantasy life though, but just remember your mom expects you upstairs for dinner in an hour.

          • Alan

            What fantasy life? The fact that I dont think think this broad is hott? the fact that I think my standards are better? sorry that you've been banging horrible chicks like this your whole life, sorry that your small town consists of about 1,000 people and you're forced to bang one of your relatives, the fact that you guys continue to make jokes about someone living in their basement or living with their moms can only prove you still live at home. If I dont think shes hott then so be it! I guess you now have a better chance now smh. My girlfriend is wayyyyyy more smoking than this fugly chick. I'll send a pic to DAR (hopefully The Chive will post it) and then you can jerkoff to it while your doors locked (just incase your mom comes in)

            • tre

              Alan, thou dost protest too much. The fact that you have to keep writing dissertations about your standards tells us all the truth (fat old dude, basement). We understand it is fun to pretend on the internets but don't do it here…'s annoying.

    • Rahm Emanuel

      Right, she would pass on you, now move out of your mother's basement and get job!

    • joeoby78

      FAGS!! ALL OF YA!!

      You know you would slam her like a screen door if the opportunity presented itself.

      • Alan

        no joeoby78, I said i'd pass, which means i wouldn't slam her like a screen door. learn to read.

      • Alan

        C'mon guys!! this is The Chive! If she was hott I would have no problem saying I'd bang her. But she is just not sexy to me…. then again I am one of the guys who dont think Emma Watson is cute at all!!! I love me a girl with some actual signs of being a girl. This chick has no ass, no tits, and a face of a Mc. Poyle!!! smh…. sorry to say Joeoby & Rahm but you guys need to step ya' standards up. Maybe she's hot in your little piece of shit town you live in but Im from NYC and I can go to any bar right now and find 10 chicks wayyyyy hotter than this chick.

        • Lauren Williams

          Why do you spell hot with an extra t every time? So, is she just hot then and not hott? Or what?

      • Alan

        Theres a reason why you get thumbs down on your post and we continue to get thumbs up. Step ya standards up Joeoby & Rahm! I guarantee you 2 are the dudes whose girlfriends continue to complain about and I end up banging 😀

        • XOS

          yet i wonder why my original post saying shes funny lookin gets thumbs down lol….maybe they thought i meant haha funny, and not busted as hell funny..

        • Rahm Emanuel

          Alan you are a retard. Oh you should burn your Ed Hardy and Affliction gear your mom picked up at COSTCO. You don't bang anyone. And I am sure you have lots of girlfriends, the only problem is once you "finish" the pages are stuck together and you have to move on to page 102 for your next girlfriend. Idiot

          • Alan

            Nicely done there Rahm, But sorry, no Ed Hardy or Affliction in my closet although I do shop at Costco but c'mon bro! Costco fucking rocks! I mean I would much rather be a member at Bj's but thats a long drive and Costco is now in NYC 😀
            And who whacks of to magazines? Shit! I have an Iphone! I can watch porn on there lol
            Well, Im done with work so I'm going to go home and "bang" one of my "girlfriends"…..

            • XOS

              crazy how offended people can get cuz you dont find a chick attractive..catchin feelings like a female during that time of the month son……o well…on to the next one!…

  • lark

    I just won a $10 bet! #3

    • quo


  • Senor Rock

    only nice at one angle. #7

    • Tom

      I'm pretty sure this is OK at any angle.

    • ranD

      these arent even her best shots… you really should google this chick

  • thomas

    I'll be damned #7

  • Bradenex

    Still not hot

  • baker

    I stil wouldn't hit it. – Oops, sorry that was my internet self. Yeah, I'd def. tap that #3

    • ranD

      hahahaha exactly the point i was making earlier to some hater!! well played sir

  • joshdyk87

    I really need to see more than just straight on, head down! It was her nose and jawline that made her less attractive. But.. I will say I'm still conveniently surprised.

    • joshdyk87

      She has bit of a fivehead, lack of a jaw, large nose, small mouth…. but…. nice body?

      Answering my own question:

      • Elle

        And I'm sure you're up to society's standards yourself. You're surely not a chubby, hairy, big mouthed asshole, are you?

    • V4Vendetta14

      So you are saying you liked her Unibrow on the show? Ha Ha….

  • AshErin

    That's awesome. I never saw her hottness behind the unibrow

  • ol' dbag

    right! she's not hot

  • marshay

    I couldn't get #1 out of my mind even if the royal barge was hoving to between #7's perky thighs.

    But I'm not shallow enough to admit it so LAAAAAAND HOOOOOO

    • D.C

      if she naked in front of you you'd forget about #1 real quick!

  • Jay

    great body, but average face.

  • kami kazzeeeee

    I'd like to hear what Richard and April have to say about this girl. haven't heard a peep out of them since they were 'stranded at heathrow"

  • Rummy54

    hit it from the back

    • Guest

      with a club

      • Guest

        the club is my penis.

  • cyphon

    its not my standards i'm worried about. she's gonna need alot more of #4 before most of us can even get close to her.

  • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    She looks like Olivia from Popeye

    • Eric

      You look like the Joker

    • Roscoe

      You probably mean Olive Oyl….

    • mattythegooch

      You have a striking resemblance to Rocky Dennis from "Mask".

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        ……….Why are you guys such dicks?

        • mattythegooch

          I'm an angry drunk!!!!!!

    • Crackhead

      We're dicks because no one cares if Gabriela thinks this chick looks like "Olivia from Popeye". I'd be more interested in her taking her clothes off and sending in some pictures for the next Chivettes gallery…

  • TCB12

    The "gap" in #7 goes on for days…..Love it.

  • baldy


  • V4Vendetta14

    I do find it funny that more guys want to bang this girl, than the girl from Outsourced…

    • Brad

      I'd take Hazelwood over this chick every time…

    • top dog

      I'll tap that ass too, she is also a good lookin woman.

    • trueindeedee

      Thank you sir…er mam!? Yes bunch of hypocrites we have here.

      I'm not one to call one ugly, I mean who cares, but these pics are clearly made to enhance her features. Nonetheless, the outsourced honey is hot.

  • bukake

    lol shes still crusty

  • greg


  • Popsicle Pete

    Super cute, smoking body, great eyes… I'm so in

  • Eric


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