• moeshere Foxdale

    Dam I seen everyone of them…and never seen that shit…I'm a dum ass I'll cop to it…shit..

  • francisdurke

    John lasseter, the lead director or whatever at Pixar claims that the truck is in the chase scene at the end of the incredibles

  • Arvzky

    So……. The pizza planet truck went to life in Cars and then gets reprogrammed to become a normal car again in all the other movies?! PIXAR YOU MONSTERS!

  • Sarah

    OMG – Goes & raids the kids DVD shelf to check this out…..

  • + blitzkrieg

    you should do one on Red Apple cigarretes of Tarantino, they appear an all his films and few others.

  • Ian

    There were people who didn't know about this?

  • Mark

    Dinoco from Cars shows up in Toy Story 1.

  • Huey

    I see this and think of John Landis films with "See You Next Wednesday".

  • http://facebook.com/denzino denzino

    All that means is all the Pixar movies are shot in the same city.:)

  • http://zx12.co.cc/2011/01/17/pizza-planet/ Pizza planet | Zx12

    […] Pizza Planet Truck In Pixar Films theCHIVE […]

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