• ryeguy

    When you see guys like this outside of New Jersey, take note that 9 times out of 10 there is a guy in the passenger seat. The other time he is alone. But if on the off chance there is a girl with them, you never here the sound system because the chick won't put up with that high level of douchebaggery while she is in the car.

  • Bojangles

    looks like another 20 year old guy hittng on a 14 year old to me

  • chris

    douche bag? thats like the pot callin the kettle black your a bunch of douche bags for making an assumption on something you have no clue about

  • ShadowCorp

    Hmm, alot of haters here, but I suppose everyone is entitled their own opinion. Personally, that is probably a professional setup, not some run on the mill flea market crap alot of kids have these days. And yes, I can understand not wanting to hear someones car from inside your house, that's why when in traffic or in a residential area I turn mine down. Glad I didn't put up the pic I have of my 2 12inch pro comp subs in the back of my T/A. But…..those are more for the fact that normal speakers don't cut it when you have an exhaust system like mine. Yet nobody has bitched to me about my exhaust…weird. And it is certainly louder….much. 😉

  • fuzzybeard2016

    I would be a but more concerned about both near and long-term hearing loss.

  • Twistedchild420

    You faggots hating are some of the biggest dumbasses in the entire human existence……why do you like what you like? Because that's you….get off his dick!

  • whosAmp

    All you faggots out there that are calling this guy a douche bag really need to either turn off your computer and spend your time more wisely or get a little better at trolling. This guy has a hobby that he loves and you guys are hating on it because he probably pays more in taxes every year than your gross income! So just because you guys have no friends, no hobbies, and no lifes, don't hate on this guy who has a passion and his living his life to the fullest!

    The only reason you guys think the bass sounds bad is because of the camera quality. I don't think that there is any camera on the market that can record lows crystal clear.

  • Evan Wilkinson

    Hair blasting bass does not make an audiophiles haven. I bet his sound is muddied and flat.

  • silkystealthsurgeon

    I just feel sorry for the chick, she looked so embarassed…

  • NOUU


  • Fellow Female

    Sorry but thats not sexy.. Or impressive. Try fast track to hearing aids.

  • Brad Ball

    Thats not dbag at all. Thats actually some peoples hobby, you collect stamps, I make my car go boom. nbd.

  • Afugy

    I know this guy!!! He is a good humored nice guy that likes to build loud cars. He does NOT drive around in traffic playing music that loud, you can even see in the video that he is in the middle of nowhere. How dare you judge him, what makes you so special, he's just doing something he loves. Hes not going around making fun of what you do because hes not a d-bag like you.

  • J.Cs

    yea that was wack system or not LAME

  • Qwain

    Hell, I just wish it woulda been loud enough to blow her clothes off…..

  • Agnt Pisant

    Douchebag? I just see the typical shaved headed esse…. or homie or w/e the F they call themselves.

  • Fed

    It is a shame he spent all that money, now he won't be able to afford the hearing aid he will need in the next few years, not to mentio it sounds like ASS

  • Pants

    Do these people even know that all I am hearing on the outside is some asshole farting into a subwoofer?

  • bullg0d

    Looks like it helps to pick up hookers.

  • idj_subs

    having a loud system does not make someone a douche. It makes them a douche if they drive around a quiet neighborhood at 3 a.m blasting there music. plus it takes alot of knowledge to get a system to work the way he has it going. Usually d-bags aren't smart enough to do that. and for the sound. of course its gonna sound shitty. The bass is so intense that it distorts the mic on the camera causing it to sound nasty that way. Go check out steve meade on youtube, he has thousands of dollars into his sound system, but because of the shitty camera mic, it sounds like someone has bad gas and is taking it out in the truck. sorry, but calling this guy a dbag cuz of his sound system is a chive fail.

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