Daily Afternoon Randomness (47 Photos)

  • a bit of derp

    nailed it

    • devon

      agree, slow clap for the DAR

      • SHIT YEAH! HE 1ST!


      • HANK

        #13 Doc Brown FTW

        • sasaea

          too bad that one's shoop'd

    • http://www.clockbog.com/ denzino

      you, sir, WIN

    • Anonymous

      Wake up in the mornin and I raise my weary head…

    • TeeJ


  • Random

    #30 – speechless

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      is it real?

    • Patrick

      you realize that's CG right?

      • http://www.facebook.com/Astraeus Aaron Burns

        i don't care if it's cg (it's not like it's a cartoon) still pretty hot.

        • gorthaug

          its cg, awesome cg, look it up on deviantart *SaphireNishi

          • fudmunki

            thank you for the ref! that is stellar work

          • andysniper

            after looking at that i like how the chive subtly cropped the bottom off that picture.

    • abipolarguy

      I think speechless is to much to hope for



    Drew, if you make Shay Maria a Chivette, I will issue you the coveted gold-plated man card.

    • tyler

      just noticed your screen name. well played

    • BaJezzus

      uhh…she's been featured on here a few times guys. New to the Chive or something?

    • HankVatican

      Too bad the ass hat told her chive.com instead of thechive.com. Now she's on some cheesy flowers website thinking WTF? instead of taking pictures of her ass in the mirror for us.

      • http://www.clockbog.com/ denzino

        HankVatican I noticed that too… What does this constitute? I think the Chivery should decide.

        • ManBearPig

          Death is the only logical penalty

          • ZomBee

            Death by a man? Bear? Or a Pig? Or some one could combine them and feed the dude to this bearmanpig? Have a great day Chivery.

    • texjosh

      Nope. He used the word "ciao" No man should use that word under any circumstance.

      • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

        it's a modeling website dude… you got to speak their language. but your right. no self respecting man should ever use. ciao.

    • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

      I take my gold plated man card in many forms. In the shape of a SIG P228, the shape of Shay Maria's breasts, and of course the man symbol "Mars". But since John made this happen for the County of Fluvanna just donate money there. the self donned Chiver of the year… DREW!

  • Timmy

    #21 haha fuck snooki

    • uberbrie

      not literally

    • Colby

      NO! Please for the love of god Do Not Fuck Snooki! Some things should not be allowed to attempt procreation.

    • chrisdg74

      I'd honestly rather fuck Elvira.

      • woh

        i'd rather fuck the umpa loompa

    • Locode

      I'd fuck Snooki and Elvira. While they took turns going down on and anal fisting each other.

    • jeffzero

      Again? My balls are still sore from the marathon session this morning. Sure it was only 8 seconds of sex, but she is a twisty kind of freak and had my balls in her mouth the whole time. When I was done she wouldn't spit them out until I punched her. Then she wanted more so I had to run. Thus the marathon.
      But it was the best 8 seconds of her life.

  • walkingdeadonline

    #7 has anyone else seen "Horse outside" by Rubberbandits?
    Every time I see one of those horse masks the song gets stuck in my head again.

    • Conor

      Another reason why its great to be Irish 🙂

  • Mike

    #14, #15

    No regrets

    • D.C'sfavcousin

      really? ehhh i agree

    • DCMOFO

      Regardless, I refuse to believe that is true. And if that is the case, that just puts her in the same category as easy math problems, you only do them in your head.


        i have something you can do in your head…finish this riddle, if there is grass on the field then ____ ____

        • Bruce Bonsai

          No it goes something like this, 'If there isn't grass on the field, then flip her over and play in the mud!" eeewww I'm so gross!

        • Bdubgnes

          Fuck it!

      • DCMOFO

        Problem solved, the age of consent is 15 in the Czech Republic.

        • Darksoul

          Age of consent is 14 in Colombia.

          • P90

            I think it's as low as 11 or 12 in the Vatican City. (Not a joke)

            • Rickets

              Catholics have bigger problems than underage girls…

              • NickRob

                I'm pretty sure it isn't girls they are worried about there

            • gumby

              that only works for the pope

    • Eirik

      She is norwegian, not from new zealand! She had the most read blog in norway! http://voe.blogg.no/

  • parchment

    well, chive, you've really hit your stride. i tip my hat #46 #41 #38

    • failblog

      Chive/submitter fail #38 isnt from New Zealand, shes a blogger from Norway

    • Apocalypse_Now

      #46 need a face and MOAR!!!

  • Badum

    Silly pedobear. You are a pedobear, not an ephebobear.

  • Edo

    and not a single fuck was given that day

    • Just Sayin'

      don't you mean #15 ? Because it doesn't matter how old she is, she's still getting destroyed!

    • Cliff Hanger

      actually thousands of WTFs were uttered that day across the world

  • Rick

    #30 GOO

    • http://superduperdumppie.com jpop

      yeah, this chic needs a name and/or gallery.

      • Stevo

        or a pulse

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    #41 who and MOAR!

    • Patrick

      Lara Doucette from TikiBarTV

      • VampJenn

        yes i agree they should do a Lala post!

    • Stupendous


  • Richard

    #41 finder her


    #38 isnt the blonde from Norway?

    • dudeman

      also, Miley Cyrus is no longer jailbait

      • yoo

        …more like trailer trash

    • question

      pending the identity if this is the richard who got stranded at heathrow, did you bang april?

    • anonymoose

      She is. Ex top blogger in Norway xd

  • knuckles

    fuck my life #15

  • Yero


    It's a glacier made lake in Banff National Park, Canada.


    • Alta

      That's actually Moraine Lake, not Lake Louise. You can tell by the slide on the left side of the photo.

    • John S

      Lake Louise in Alberta is not man made!! And yes that is Moraine Lake which is side by each with Lake Louise!

      Chive On from Alberta

      • cheva

        Side by each, give or take 10 km. The valley of the ten used to be a twenty.

    • buggie

      yeah, a simple google image search really wouldn't hurt whatever idiot tried to be witty here.

    • Colin

      This is Moraine Lake not Lake Louise and it's in Banff national park not Jasper national park, but you did get the Canada part right

    • bookermorgan

      glad I'm not the only Canadian that caught that dumbassery

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    #2 where can I purchase this amazing sweatshirt?

    • JewLover

      I think it says "Doroit Pistons"…. and to make it super cool has Whinnie the Pooh on it.

      Herro Doroit…

    • sad but true.

      This sweet little shop in Deli, its right next to the call center that stole 1 million american jobs. Lol.

      • douche

        stole? really? You think the american company wasnt tripping over itself to find the cheapest labor possible?

  • Bilbo

    # 44
    is confusing what am i missing?

    • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

      They're comparing characters from Saved by The Bell to Community

    • JDB

      The t.v. show Community I think.

  • Patrick

    #41 is Lara Doucette from Tiki Bar TV

    • BloodScrubber

      Impressive. That must have been one fun photo shoot!

  • pig

    #1 At least she knows her role.

    • Vince

      Chivers, if you wanna keep your job … don't make this joke live on air.

      • 6655321

        Good call Vince. Still, I'd run up and down her sidelines anytime.

    • Bdubgnes

      You pig.

    • qwertz

      I remember a story about Polish worker in UK that used that vacuum for masturbation during work hours.

  • Screwdriver

    #34 – Blade Runner?

    • Ken

      Yup, Blade Runner. Los Angeles, 2019.

    • http://twitter.com/apollorockit ApolloRockIt!

      Yeah. Opening scene.

      • ricky

        what are you talking about? L.A. looks like that now

    • guest

      Can anyone tell me where all these sweet animated movie gifs are coming from? I've seen some really excellent ones in a lot of the previous DAR's.

  • Mr. Falcon

    #2 Like a Boss
    #30 I wanna box em
    #41 Just wow

  • napamamascribe

    ok somebody help me out #44… Got Saved by the Bell, but what is the cast on the right from?

    • Craig


      • napamamascribe

        Thank you!

    • Armorclad


    • http://twitter.com/JasonFlook @JasonFlook

      community. a great show.

    • Broham

      Newish show on NBC in its second season. It's called "Multi-racial Best Friends Club". It's about a bunch of unknown actors ignoring Chevy Chase and pretending that guy from The Soup is cool.

      • woh


    • Anonymous


    • Graphix

      So Community is basically Saved By the Bell for grownups? Somehow this might work… I would need to smoke some weed to be sure.

    • Pfft

      I'm so glad that other people recognize how awesome that show is. Well, except for Ken Jeong. He needs to realize that the harder he tries, the less funny he is.

  • davyb123

    who is #30???????? MOAR

    • LondonStage

      I Know,she Crazy Hott!

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        computer generated…

        • LondonStage

          Yea! I'm thinking the same thing, It's the hair that got me

        • http://superduperdumppie.com jpop

          gotta say that is incredibly disappointing.

        • seb

          gotta buy that computer

      • http://www.toogeekyforyou.com cougar78

        bouncy bouncy.

  • Edo

    #7 and not a single fuck was given that day

    • aosux

      We get it. No fucks given, right.

    • Borracho

      At least come up with a new caption, even an obvious one like "Hey, no horseplay!" is better than a repost.

  • Ryan

    #41 find her!!!!!!

    • VampJenn

      She is Lala from the Podcast TikiBar. Google it. she's a beauty

  • http://project-stewie.co.uk/ Stewie!

    i never understood that advert

    • its_forge

      Pretty sure it's that he's enraptured with his awesome television or TV programming or whatever and she's saying hey, yo, beautiful healthy underdressed girlfriend looking for some action, turn the stupid TV off for chrissake, and he's oblivious.

      • attheendofthedaypodcast

        Isn't it the windows phone advert?

        • its_forge

          Yup, I have a DVR and I hardly ever watch any commercials. Seeing that lady there flash by at 200fps made me stop and go back though, but I still haven't seen the whole commercial. Good call, thank you.

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