The ice cream guy gets ‘shopped (22 Photos)

Sorry, Had to redo the post. First one was all wonky.

Everyone's flipping out about the photograph which ran above the fold of the Washington Post last week, featuring Zach Burroughs, an Arlington man whose Wednesday afternoon jaunt turned into the toast of the Internet. Well one awesome site decided they'd have a little fun with Zach...

  • Joel

    Good one, Chive.

    • smnartShart

      Quick, someone shop in a bottle of dandruff shampoo.

    • TherealJoel

      im impressed at your ability to be #1 a lot, and not douche out about it.

  • uly

    This photo is great

    • Stigma222

      What one the original,1-23 what!?! Or do you just have to post everything that pops in to your head if so stick to Facebook or better yet go back to MySpace so no-one will see it…ok that was really mean but uly you're a ra-tard

  • qwerty

    Still think #13 is the best.

    • zzz

      Just perfect.

    • MediumRare

      i'M GOING WITH #6 FTW!!!

  • Royce

    Noticed you took out the one about Vietnam. Thank you.

    • destin

      yup, agree. i lmao. nothing wrong with some irreverent humor (btw the girl in that photo is alive and well today)

      • yup

        Lol, people lost their livelihood there, everything that was bombed to smithereens was confiscated by the government.

    • Royce

      well heck i never knew that. Very well. Chive on.

  • -------

    #7 FTW

  • Jason Dean


  • The Real D. Nozzle


  • OneClownShoe

    Ha! I knew there would be a Jason Bourne pic. Awesome!

  • Phil

    #20 lol

  • joeybeadz

    I cant stop laughing at #6 his face is the so perfect

  • george

    #17 nailed it

    • JONAS

      YUP! I was thinking he looked like matt damons character in the informant the first time I saw it in the dar.

      • Joeyk

        Thats exactly what I thought it was, I was surprised to find out it wasnt Damon..

    • Logic76

      matt daaaamon

      • team america

        ….fuck yeah

  • @importantcrap

    #11 – So much win in one picture.

    • stevecohen

      It desperately needs the tossed baby from last week as well though. Perhaps flying away from the explosion?

  • stebo304

    the leo decrapeo ones are good plus the katy perry one cause shes in it

  • Keith Piscitelli

    not enough boobs in these…

  • opiateofthemasses073

    It's all about #5, #10, #12, #15, and #20. Priceless. 🙂

  • Kelly

    #10 very nice!

  • flenin

    #6 is just the best thing ever

  • Bret Smash

    i agree as well, that was also my favorite.

  • Terry

    Thank you for making me laugh so hard, i was crying. Wonder what people at my work are thinking…..

  • Rick

    #13 EPIC!

  • Bojangles

    Not even the least bit funny.

    • Irock

      Come on Mr. Bojangles……dance.

  • Tim

    I think I've figured out the formula for photoshop hilarity.

    1) Take new meme
    2) Find old meme
    3) Layer new meme on top of old meme with no context. (Specifically, #4, #8, and #16)

  • HankT

    #4 DOMO FTW!

  • saltygary

    Where can I find the original photo for he girl in #13? I came to the chive at the tail end of that meme.

  • Kitho James

    #9 he does look like matt damon 😀

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